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  1. I went to see my Pcp and she was quite concerned about my oxygenation because my pulse ox reading was in the low 80s just walking around her office. She wants me on oxygen 24/7. I am also new to using my cpap I do feel short of breath a lot and have trouble getting a full breath. She wants me to get pulmonary function testing. I was dumb and googled Obesity+hypoxia and this syndrome came up in many pages. Basically low oxygenation and high CO2 levels because of obesity caused shallow breathing. I was wondering if anyone else has been diagnosed with this?
  2. Breathing is GOOD! I <3 Oxygen!
  3. Thank you msmarymac!!! You guys are wonderful!
  4. I have also been thinking about this topic! When I was 30 I dropped a lot of excess baby weight and got down to my lowest adult weight of 130. (I am 5'4") EVERYONE would notice, compliment, and then ASK the dreaded question. I answered truthfully back then, "I stopped eating unhealthy" and they seemed satisfied with that answer. Now that I am preparing to have WLS I told a few trusted friends, including my two pastors. Today one of my pastors started saying, Maybe you don't need the surgery. You are looking great". Now I have lost only about 10 pounds, but I have also been
  5. I really don't mind shots, I just can't do it to myself! So wierd! Why can't they prescribe coumadin or something for petes sake?!??! I live alone so no one could give them to me....maybe if my cats had oposable thumbs! (sorry for my poor spelling...that's what spellcheck is for...)
  6. I had a very difficult hysterectomy in 2006 and never had any hair loss. But when I realized I was beginning menopause I became concerned because my hair was coming out in handfuls! I estimate I lost 30% of my hair. BUT, it has since grown almost all back in, so hopefully my little hair follices won't be too shocked and I can get enough good stuff in my pouch!
  7. I should have had the surgery this September, but I found out that I have severe sleep apnea, so my surgeon wants to see me have 3 months of success on my cpap, which will be October 25th (but nobodys counting)
  8. I am pretty vain about my thick, shiny hair. It grows super fast and I color it to cover my greys. I heard or read somewhere that protein was the key to not losing hair? Theories anyone?
  9. I read a funny meme on Facebook... If you drink 64 oz of water a day you will not have conflict with anyone because you will be in the bathroom, alone most of the time! 64 oz of water is my goal. Have achieved it a few times, but usually can only consume 3/4 of that.
  10. Hi guys, I just found out at a weight loss surgery support group that I will have to give myself injections of some sort of blood thinner twice a day for a month! Yikes! Did anyone else have to do that? I'm not sure that I can "stick" myself... Lol
  11. I can have a friend pick me up and take me home.
  12. Hi folks, My question/concern is this...I live alone. It sounds like my doctor sends people home on day two. I am having Rouen Y bypass because of bad GERD. Will I be able to fend for myself afterwards? I have comorbidities and a VERY low pain tolerance. Just generally a big baby. Lol
  13. Hello all, This is my first post, but I have been lurking for a little while. :) My question/problem. I have been accepted into a WLS program at Denver Health Hospital. I began in April of this year. The requirements are...3 visits with dietitian, 2 visits with psychologist, 4 support group attendance visits, and a minimum of 6 months with a maximum of 1 year. Everything has been going smoothly for me until July, when I was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. I was prescribed a CPAP and now I have to document 3 months of successful CPAP usage before I get my 1st me
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