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  1. I am 21 days out today...Dr. Pop is definitely one of the best! Its rough, but I am doing ok....I feel like people downplay how tough it actually is. I am on soft foods, but not hungry alot, the support from these rooms has been a lifesaver for me....where do u live?
  2. My mom came up from Florida to help me, and my husband's been amazing...Family are starting to reach out...yes "most, " people do not get it. This is a much bigger deal than I thought...5 years I have been waiting to get this surgery after thyroidectomy from cancer and I know this too shall pass, but right now it just seems a lot. Thanks so much for reaching out to me...I greatly appreciate it!!
  3. I am...I guess I thought this wasn't going to be this bad...
  4. Yes I am only 4 days out...in quite a bit of pain...thanks for the encouragement!
  5. Thank you for thinking of me! I appreciate it!!
  6. I am getting up and around and I guess I just thought it was not going to be this painful. It hurts more than my hysterectomy for sure...
  7. Came home from Hospital late night...boy oh boy, feeling pretty rough... I had a hiatal hernia in my diaphragm along with the sleeve... I am in more pain than I thought I'd be, but no pain, no gain...< or should I say loss> I am hoping that this subsidies quickly! Trying to stay positive, get walking , and keep my liquid requirements in... Thanks for all your support! Please tell me this pain is only temporary!
  8. Okay so no one's called me today ; and tomorrow morning is my surgery... I'm ready to get this over with ! The anticipation is worse than the actual surgery I hope...very disappointed in family and friends not even calling me 4 support... it's just sad... I am emotional...
  9. Needing support and prayers please...
  10. I sure will, and thank you for the encouragement and support!! I greatly appreciate it!! I am not on FB so I will come hear with any questions or concerns
  11. Hi everyone!! On clear liquids today, Sleeve surgery in the a.m. I am a little nervous but after waiting 6 years to have this surgery I am also excited to be on my way to a whole new life! Please keep me in your prayers tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. Michigan time... I am more nervous about anesthesia and pain then the actual surgery...I don't do great with anesthesia or pain meds so that is the part that gets me unsettled... Thanks for your prayers in advance! ~Michelle