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  1. I am missing Advil. Are there any other painkillers we can use besides Tylenol? Tylenol just doesn’t work for me and I am in a lot of pain.
  2. I appreciate everyone on here being so helpful. I am six days post-op and on a full liquid diet. Every time I drink anything... water, broth, protein shake I get bloated and feel like there is gas in my stomach. It goes away after 20 or so minutes. What is that? Just normal healing or a new normal? Makes it hard to get my water in.
  3. JenniferJT

    5 days Post-op and worried!

    @Gretta I read a comment you recommended a cup to help with gas pain when drinking. Do you remember what it was?
  4. I had gastric bypass on 6/28/18 I live in central San Diego.
  5. I have read the many messages on here about the post-op regret right after surgery and during the dreaded liquid diet stage. I am definitely feeling all of that, but I am also worried that the surgery didn’t work. I feel hungry and everyone says they aren’t hungry after surgery. I don’t feel like my stomach is smaller but I am still on liquids. Do people have issues with hunger after surgery? Are these normal feelings?