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  1. Hey just like it says I have several pairs of size 20, 18W and 20w - some NYD jeans in Brooklyn- if you’re interested in picking them up from me let me know! I’m not too far from Manhattan.
  2. Thanks Jen, I’ve read you do gain some water weight back. But you’re right-we’re just losing. I think I’ll feel better too when I reach the 30pound mark. Thanks for your feedback Cinwa - I’m not there yet but definitely once a week is enough.
  3. Thanks Athenarose - that’s helpful. My recovery is going well. Although I am starting to be a little hungry at night on the 500 cal diet along with walking almost 10,000 steps a day. I’ve decided to only step on the scale once a week so I don’t worry about it.
  4. Hey everyone, it seems ridiculous to lose weight so fast immidately after surgery- I’m just wondering how much of that is water weight? And how can I know? thanks!
  5. Hey I’m in Brooklyn and one week out from my sleeve surgery - would love to be in touch with someone and possibly exercise or take walks in the park or whatever. Anyone out there?
  6. Hey yes! I’m in Brooklyn- just got my sleeve a week ago. I would love to join a local group. FYI Lennox Hill Hospital has a bariatric support group once a month that’s free and you don’t have to have had your surgery there - I went last month and it was really good.
  7. Hey KMB - I’m one week out and my surgery went really well. I’m definitely not ready to go back to work but I just got off pain meds. I exercised a lot for 3 weeks before my surgery and I found that enormously helpful in recovering- my body was just ready to move -so it’s really good you’re active. I would think plane travel would be fine 3.5 weeks later but then I’m not a surgeon (-: I know I’m really happy with my decision. Good luck!
  8. Anyone else in Brooklyn?! Hi! So I’m one week out from my sleeve surgery (SW 200, CW 189, GW 140). I had my surgery at Mount Sinai in Manhattan. Hard to believe down 10 pounds in one week. I know everyone says it isn’t magic, but honestly it feels like it. I have some other problems like gastroparesis when I started but so far so good. I spend a decent amount of time pacing during meals. And I admit I really miss strange things at odd times like tacos or grilled meat. And I really miss solid food and sometimes carbs. I just tried scrambled eggs but that’s apparently too ambitious at this point. Even up until just now I’ve found that this is testing some of my friendships. That’s been really hard to find out I just can’t rely on some people the way I thought I could. And it’s a long journey to go in the weight loss part then forever in maintenance. But so far I’m optimistic and really happy with my decision. I hope you all are too! Good luck!