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  1. CarlMarch

    Pre-Op Diet day 4

    It is actually the HMR 800 calories shakes. Each shake has 16 grams protein and 160 calories.. I guess going from 2000+ calories to 800 calories definitely does the
  2. CarlMarch

    Pre-Op Diet day 4

    Thanks, I will definitely be going low-carb. I appreciate all the responses.
  3. CarlMarch

    Pre-Op Diet day 4

    Better today, the funny thing is my shakes are not low carb. They actually have about 17 grams of Carbs in them. I've taken to eating my sugar-free jello while drinking my shake and it helped alot.
  4. CarlMarch

    Pre-Op Diet day 4

    I am in day 4 of my pre-op diet and already struggling. The shakes are starting to make me nauseous and I really wanted a piece of cheese earlier... I am supposed to be drinking 5 packets a day. I have only been able to do 4. I double them up for breakfast and dinner. The plus side is that I have lost 10 pounds since last weds... I think I am just going to go to bed.
  5. CarlMarch

    First Time(r) for Everything

    Thanks for the updates Tony. I got my surgery date today and is October 1. I'm nervous and excited both. Reading your story so far excites me even more. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading about more of your successes..
  6. CarlMarch

    Pre-op Update

    Hello fellow Bariatric friends... I just wanted to post an update. All the paperwork is in and I am expecting a call from the surgery nurse later today to set-up my surgery date... I'm scared and excited at the same time. The process has come together quickly and I know by the end of the year I will be posting as a post op patient... I want to thank all of you who have posted such awesome information. It has really been helpful to me and I am looking forward to sharing my journey with you.
  7. CarlMarch

    2nd Pre-Op Visit

    Thanks y'all. I had already cut out the alcohol. He hasn't said anything about Caffeine, but I will start working on it.. I like a cup of coffee every now and then. Right now my drink of choice is sweet tea. That is what is going to be the hardest to cut back from. I hope post-op it will be easier. Thanks again for all the kind words and the huge amount of information provided. I have mentally prepared as best I can. I have never had a hospital stay much less a major surgery.
  8. CarlMarch

    2nd Pre-Op Visit

    Well, I finished up my testing and took the Bariatric Psych evaluation. I go August 1 to find out if everything looks okay for them to set a surgery date. I have tried to work on the things that the Doctor said would be beneficial before the surgery. I have been off Soda for well over a month... I have tried to cut my portion size down....I have tried not to drink 30 minutes before and after meals but still have a lot of work to do. I haven't started my 30 minutes of exercise yet and that is not a good thing. All in all I am excited and anxious. I will update after my Dr's appt... I hope y'all have a great weekend!
  9. CarlMarch

    New from Arkansas

    Thanks Res, I set my goal weight to what I weighed when I felt my best. I think that the ideal weight is around 169 or close to that, but I don't think that I would want to lose down to that weight. My primary goal is to be healthy. If I need to get down below 200 for that I would definitely be willing to do it. The information that I have gleaned in just my short time lurking thru the pages is amazing. I knew that it wasn't going to be an easy journey and that the biggest battle would be in my head, but to have that validated by the posts that I have read gave me hope. I realize that the GB is not a cure for my problem, but it is a tool to help get me in the place that I can deal and overcome the problem. I am determined to be successful and deal with the good and bad of the surgery.
  10. CarlMarch

    Male sex drive

    I'm new, but I have to share my story... I was a youth leader for our church and we decided to go to a youth rally out of town. On the way back we stopped at Wal-Mart to use the restroom. I was in a very bad way and rushed past everyone to hit the bathroom. While I am standing in the stall doing my business I hear the door open but didn't think anything about it. I finished my business and turned to open the stall door. When it swung open I about of our teenage girls was standing there looking at me with a shocked expression on her face. I asked her what she was doing in the guys bathroom...she asked me what I was doing in the girls bathroom....I thought she had made a mistake until one of the sweet older women walked thru the door and looked at me...then looked at her .... and said..."oh my"...the girl busted out laughing and I hung my head in shame....
  11. CarlMarch

    New from Arkansas

    My name is Carl and I have completed my pre-op testing and just waiting for the Bariatric Psych evaluation. I have thought doing the surgery for several years, but did not have insurance that would pay for the surgery. I am currently 476 pounds and my target weight is 220. This forum has already helped me in so many ways and I look forward to reading even more. I have been a big boy all my life but when I got married it got even worse. I ballooned up to 375 around the beginning of 2010, but was able to drop 100#'s in 9 months to weigh 275 in May of 2011. Over the course of the next 2 years I would gain the original 100 pounds back and then add an additional 100 pounds. The most I ever weighed was 496 pounds this past March. I have since dropped about 20 pounds. I found out that I my insurance would pay for the Gastric Bypass surgery about a month ago, it completely surprised me and I give the glory to God, because everyone we talked to said they wouldn't pay. I am anxious and scared all at the same time. The threads that I have read so far on this forum has been very enlightening. I appreciate the time that has gone into moderating and writing in these forums. Thank you.