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  1. Feeling overwhelmed-so much to learn and a week to do it before surgery next tuesday. 

    1. Ladybugzzz86


      One day at a time, that is all you can do. It is going to be here and over before you know it, then on to your losing streak ;) Just do what you can to put your affairs in order. And big congrats on the weight loss so far! You are well on your way :)

    2. Ladybugzzz86


      Thinking of you today, and praying that you have a speedy recovery 

    3. Res Ipsa

      Res Ipsa

      @Kat4307 how are you doing?  We are here to support you.  :)

  2. Kat4307

    Talk about fast!

    I will check out the videos after dinner...thank you. Including pics of collagen and protein i have...surgeon said protein was ok, has a few patients on it...but really not a much of a fan cuz there's no vitamins in it. Told him i had the Tespo bariatric vitamins coming and would be delivered every month but had to get additional calcium today as tespo calcium is below the 1000-1500 dose. Am going to try to attach images of protein n collagen...#ImaTechieFail so please bare with me...
  3. Kat4307

    Talk about fast!

    @Jen581791 where do i find the videos? @Readytobeme thank you!!!! That's an amazing idea! Was told today clear liquids only for 1st stage of post op eating...no protein until 2nd stage. I have Isopure plain.protein powder so i can add to soups or whatever...or can make any flavor with whatever i add to it...unsweetened cocao powder, strawberries, vanilla...ect. and have collagen peptides i got at costco which also has 18 gms of protein in it (am hoping this helps with hair loss and skin elasticity ) have ordered the tespo bariatric vitamins and was given a sample of achieve food pouch (the one i got was fruit 150 cal and 20gm of protein -anybody use these?) But...need recs for calcium as the tespo doesn't have enough...so...what's best/ easiest to take/ and cost effective? And thank you for all your replies! I appreciate it so much! ♥️
  4. Kat4307

    Talk about fast!

    I went in on the 2nd for final blood work...got a call on friday the 6th...surgery is the 17th!! I have my last appt with surgeon tomorrow, then go downstairs for preop nutrition class (they told me it was 3 hrs?!?) Then on tuesday i have preadmission phone call, the Friday a preop nursing class...and surgery tuesday. I have spent the weekend meal prepping for my elderly mom with copd that o care for...and have made myself chicken and beef bone broth, i have bought a case of Vitamin water Zero...what else should I have on hand for when i come home?
  5. Kat4307

    Newbie here

    Surgeons office called on friday...my surgery has been scheduled for the 17th! Yes...THIS MONTH! Yikes!
  6. Kat4307

    Newbie here

    Thank you everybody for all your kind words and encouragement ♥️
  7. Kat4307

    Newbie here

    Hi everybody. I go in for my blood test tomorrow...so surgeon can see that yes...there is no nicotine in me...been 2 weeks and i feel good about it being what he needs to see. Am going for the full bypass...just nervous. Am on celebrex now for inflammation in joints and know that i won't be able to take it post op...or nsaids...so am wondering how pain and inflammation are treated. Any suggestions/advice...anything welcome...nervous ninny here. Also...how bad is post op pain n how long does ij t last? I take care of 74 yr old mom and 4 special needs animals...i know i can't lift over 10lbs for about a month...just so many thoughts n worries runnin through my head :/