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  1. I am having trouble knowing when I am truly full or not. I think I am eating to much. I feel hungry alot and am not sure how to tell if really hungry or when I am full.
  2. I just had my surgery and i feel amazing. My tummy is sore but thats it. The nurse said it will be hard to get water down. But I can easily drink as much as I would like. I ate a whole bowl of broth and felt fine. I didn't but I felt like I could eat more. Is this normal? I am concerned. Should I drink as much water as I am able to?
  3. My sleeve surgery is coming up soon. I have finished all preop testing. I am starting to freak out about surgery, hospital and most of all recovery and life after. So scared...Trying to keep in perspective I have yet to talk to someone who regrets it.
  4. Hello, I am looking for recommendations for the best surgeon in Michigan. I have been looking at U of M, Livonia, Dr Zeni and Birax Clinic. Anyone with experience at these places? What is the best?
  5. I live in Canton. I went to the seminar today. Dr POP seemed great. The waiting room was very intimidating for me though...
  6. HI Michelle! How are you? How was surgery? I was just recommended to Dr. Poplawski...how has your experience been?
  7. What surgeons have people gone with in Michigan? I can't decide. I know a few have gone to Dr. Zeni. My doctor suggested Dr. Poplawski at Bariatric Treatment of America. I was also wondering what is the hospital stay with sleeve>
  8. Thank you so much for all the comments.
  9. Hello, I am at the beginning stages of considering weight loss surgery. I have rheumatoid arthritis and high blood pressure. I am so nervous to even consider either surgery but my arthritis has me in pain often. I think taking the weight off my joints will help. How long does the process take from first meeting with a weight loss doctor until surgery? I think I would lean more to sleeve...what is recovery really like? Its all so scary to me.
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