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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words ladies! I will keep you all updated post op!
  2. VSGPA

    these pants used to fit

    Congratulations! You should be extremely proud of yourself!
  3. Good to hear. I’m amazed how everyone’s experience is different. I just pray I’ll be one of the lucky ones and not have a ton of issues! Keep feeling better!
  4. Oh gosh! My surgery is this coming Tuesday (6/26) and I’m getting nervous! Animalrescuer18...hang in there. Didn’t you have nausea meds to take on that first day?
  5. Thank you for the encouragement!
  6. Hello all! This site is wonderful! My surgery is scheduled for 6/26! I’m very excited. I started the process of finding a surgeon mid December and have been undergoing insurance approval, tests, etc. And now my turn is almost here! A little nervous but I’ll be ready. Some of the things that I worry about managing are not drinking with meals, post surgery constipation, the fact that I’m currently a sugar attic, will this weight loss help me to control my primary hyperhidrosis (my hubby calls me furnace head!), will I be able to reduced my hypertension meds... This forum will help me research most of my concerns. Thank you so much for making it available to everyone and those of you willing to share and support others in the various stages of this journey.