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  1. Good morning Y’all, Happy Sunday to all my WLS friends! I’m seeing a big improvement in energy levels since my last post which is a great turnaround. I’m also walking more so that may have helped as well. I’m down 56 lbs so far in just a little over 2 mo since my surgery on July 3 so I’m a very happy camper. I’ve started trying out firmer foods but still rely on soft foods and soup daily. But I believe this will change over time but I’m comfortable with my eating so far. SF popsicles have become my friend for sweet snacks lol. I had my measurements done last Friday and among other things I’ve lost 7 in off my waist...omg!!! Talk about being in euphoria right now haha! And I’m still losing every week My only hurdle right now is to up my protein intake each day so I’m concentrating on that. Some things just don’t go down as easily as they did before surgery. But I know that’s trial and error and will keep trying. So all in all I’m in my happy place right now and can hardly wait to see where I am in 6 months!!! Woohoo!! Hey Carl, a big high five on making the decision to have WLS! Believe me you won’t regret it! I had never had major surgery before and my anxiety was over the roof but after I went through it I realized there was nothing to worry about! And the benefits are sooo worth it!! Hey Jen, thanks for the pep talk and good suggestions as always! That helps immensely! Love hearing from the experienced folks out there!! Hey BBoy, thanks for having my back!! Your words keep me going!! You the man!! Anyways, that’s my update so far on an early Sunday morning. Time to get up and get moving which feels great now that I have less to move LOL!! Everyone have a great day and will talk at ya soon!! Later y’all ....T
  2. Happy Sunday to all my WLS friends out there. Just ringing in with another update on my journey. Last Tuesday was my one month mark since my surgery. As of Friday, I’m down to 291, making my total loss at 42 lbs. I had to go down a size in my pants for work. Luckily I found some on sale I had my checkup with my gp on Friday and he said all looked good physically, heart rate, bp etc. They did move me to soft foods but have been having some difficulty every so often. Some foods seem to take longer to go down then others, feels like I need some water to help it but know that’s against the rules. Any suggestions on how to best acclimate myself to firmer foods? Maybe I’m wanting to taste more too fast or something, not sure. I mentioned my low energy levels to my doctor and he said pretty much the same as my surgeon, that it will take time after major surgery to be fully back to normal. Plus he said that I did just lose 40 lbs which will take a toll on me as well. I’m just tired of being tired. I start off the day feeling fine but by the afternoon my energy level starts waning. I had to take a nap earlier today. But the times I feel good I really feel good. Has anyone else experienced this? But I’m really motivated by the weight loss so I haven’t lost my focus. So much weight lost in my first month, I can only imagine where I will be in six months to a year. Well folks, I’m off to enjoy the rest of the weekend, I hope everyone is doing well! Stay tuned for my next knock at the door....later y’all!!! ...Tony
  3. Thanks BB and Res. I’m more at ease with the rate of weight loss now I’m now on my last week of puréed food and hoping that I go to soft food next. I’m doing good with the puréed but need something more lol. What was weird was that I went to Denny’s with my family and had the oatmeal and a side order of scrambled eggs, couldn’t even make a dent in either but felt good but then this week when I went back to work I got some scrambled eggs from our deli and only took a couple of spoonfuls and all of a sudden I started feeling like it was going to come back up. It was almost like it was stuck or something and wouldn’t go down. This lasted for a good 15-20 min before it eased down. What would have caused this? The only thing different was that I added a bit of salsa to the eggs so not sure. So for now I’m not trying that again. But the good news is that I’m now under the 300 mark at 299 as of yesterday- total of 34 lbs lost since leaving hospital- woohoo!! Still need my energy levels to be better but my doctor said that would take time. I have to be patient on the healing. But all in all I feel like I’m doing well. I’m also losing inches all over which shows in my clothes Anyways, wanted to give out my update and my hope that everyone is doing well out there!! Until next time - later y’all .....Tony
  4. Thanks BB, I’m not complaining but is it it the norm to lose weight this fast just two weeks out?
  5. Gm y’all, well here I am, two weeks out from surgery and feeling a whole lot better. Had my post-op appt with my surgeon and he said all looked good. I’m still rather tired during the day, luckily I’m able to work from home for another week. No real pain to speak of, all the incision sites seem to be healing well. I’ve been dropping weight like crazy which is a happy thing and a scary thing at the same time. As I told you earlier, coming home from surgery I had gained most of the weight I had lost prior. Well that seemed to come off quickly and after that I’m losing like 1-2 lbs a day. I started this venture going in at 333 and this morning I’m at 304. I’m just in awe lol. I’ve been able to get my walking in each day. My knees don’t hurt like they were so that helps a lot! I’m still not able to eat a whole lot, a quarter cup each time seems to fill me up. They added puréed foods to my repertoire so at least I can change things up a bit. If anyone has any puréed tips please holler! I look down at my ankles and can’t believe how small they are now They did give me some meds to prevent gall stones and possible infection. I wasn’t fully aware of that danger involving my gall bladder...has this ever happened to anyone? Well. I just wanted to check in with everyone and give y’all an update. I’m headed down the “yellow brick road” and lovin’ it!! Hope everyone is doing as well as I am right now at y’all later....Tony
  6. Gm y’ I am, on my 4th day after surgery. Still a bit swollen in the belly region but seem to be ok. Pain is less, probably >2 right now. Been paying attention to bathroom “outgoings” and it seems ok, like I’m not dehydrated like before. Not to cross the line on TMI, but have had only one BM since being home, the rest has been gas. Is this normal? Is it possible that my pouch is “clogged up”? I guess if it was I would feel it, right? I’m not a hypochondriac but things start getting in my head as “what ifs”. They didn’t do a leak test on me before I left the hospital - maybe they should have. But I would feel that too right? How can I be sure that everything is working properly? I had my first “real meal” last night by having some tomato soup. It seemed to go down ok. I felt full and stopped, probably had about a coffee cup’s worth. Then couldn’t have my pudding later cause I was still feeling full. It was almost a crampy feeling for about an hour, laid back in my recliner and it went away after a while. Feel my stomach gurgling sometimes but this morning it feels ok. Hoping the swelling goes down soon. Am I overthinking all of this? Well time to start moving around some more. Later y’all ....T
  7. Thanks Cin, I was hoping that was the case. Also, I reread your earlier post about it wrong the first time lol. So you don’t feel hunger like before? Because I think I know what you mean, it’s like you feel it when your pouch is empty right?
  8. Possibly it’s just me and the effects of surgery causing the lack of hunger. Not sure. Feeling better this morning. Pain seems less all over. Had a good nights sleep. Big surprise this morning when I weighed myself - I had gained almost all the weight I had lost prior to surgery. Is that normal? I’m suspecting that it’s the fluid build up from surgery, am I close? Please tell me that’s what it is - I probably should have waited a few days to start weighing myself but was too curious. ...T
  9. Thanks for the tips guys. For some reason I’m ok lying flat but having to use what they showed me in the hospital to get in and out of bed. Definitely no quick movement going on lol. Tried your suggestion Cin, that really helps. I saw a deal on Dr Oz where you bend over slightly and rock your hips back and forth and helps the gas relief. Since I can’t bend over that much your suggestion works better. Haven’t been all that hungry so haven’t really crossed that bridge yet but I’m assuming hunger will come at some point? Anyways, been back and forth from bed to recliner and back again. I know I need the rest but tired of being tired already haha. Hope everyone’s having a great evening. Will talk at y’all soon.....Tony
  10. Well guys, here I am back at home after being released from the hospital. My surgeon said that all went really well. There were no complications and all went as planned. Feeling very sore around midsection and really tired. Laid down for a bit when I got home but knew I needed some water so I’m up trying to walk a little and hydrate. My belly is a little swollen but was told that would go away in a couple days. The bruises around the incision sites look worse than they are I guess. Hoping it gets better getting up and down from my bed and recliner. I feel like I’ve done 100 crunches. But at least the big hurdle is over with and need to move forward on the rest of my road to thinner town. I think the rest of today is going to be mostly resting with the occasional walking and sipping. I’m not really hungry at all but am trying to get down part of a protein shake. So all systems are a go for now. I will post more later when I’m less tired - just wanted to give y’all an update. Talk at y’all later!!! ....Tony
  11. Hi guys, well the BIG STEP is over with. In my room resting right now. My surgeon said everything went really really well. I have some slight pain from the gas but they gave me meds in my IV to help that. Was tired earlier and slept some but now I seem wide awake. Went on some walks around the floor with no problem. They approved me to start drinking so that was a relief in itself. My mouth felt like a desert. They gave me a food tray earlier but wasn’t hungry. Now my popsicle looks like a snowman in summer. Been slowly eating some ice and Powerade every 30 min. The nurses seem to think I’m doing really well so far. Haven’t felt any nausea and the pain level hasn’t been that bad. So all my anxiety was for nothing lol. Well just wanted to give y’all a quick update. Geoff thanks for the check-in, hope you’re doing good as well. I’m going to try and get some more rest. I heard that my surgeon likes to make early rounds Talk at y’all later....Tony
  12. Thanks y’all - I knew I could count on you guys for some calming and uplifting words. Y’all are the greatest. I’m a bit less anxious now and focusing on the aftermath. And yes I have faith in my surgeon and God to pull me through this. I will definitely give y’all the T when I get this all done with today. Togetherness in the fight to be thin - love y’all ....Tony
  13. Well I didn’t think I would be adding anything until after surgery but here I am awake the morning of at ride will be here at 11am to get me to the hospital for check in at 12:30, my surgery is scheduled for 2:30. All the thoughts that I read about are going through my head right now like “am I doing the right thing?”, “why bypass and not the sleeve?”, “what if something goes wrong?”, “maybe I can do this without surgery”. Arrrgghh I hate my mind right now lol. I even sent an email to my surgeon asking him why we chose bypass over the sleeve. Guess I’m having doubt jitters. Just need to calm down and relax. I definitely will ask them to give me something at the hospital to relax me haha. Well better get started getting things together. Will chat at y’all later with some good news when it’s all over...ttfn...Tony
  14. Well count down is closer today. My BIG day is on Tuesday which is the day after tomorrow. Getting everything done and stuff together today so I’m not rushing around last minute. My RN nurse told me not to bring anything but the bare minimum. Just wear comfortable clothes that’s easy on and off so got my sweats, comfy shirt and Nikes all ready. Have my overnight bag aka gym bag ready. Been taking a lot of deep breaths all day today but still have a good feeling about all this. Lost 12 pounds on the liquid diet as of this morning. So hopefully they will be pleased. Have my pantry and fridge stocked with broth, jello and protein shakes. This should be good for my first week or so after surgery. So now it’s just count down the hours lol. I hope this finds everyone doing well. Catch everyone on the flip side - not sure how many entries I will get to make right after surgery but will definitely give everyone the skinny when it’s over(no pun intended lol). Luv to y’all...Tony