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  1. Hi ladies! what is the 7 day pouch test
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    I’m new here

    Hello everyone I’m excited to be apart of this forum . I recently finished my required 24 week kaiser classes , my fitness test and all necessary labs . Earlier this week I received my formal authorization , so now I just wait for my surgery date . My delima is what surgery would be best for me, sleeve or bypass. I started this journey weighing 336lbs, I am now 305lbs, and I am 5’7. My first goal is to reach 200lbs , after that I will determine what weight is ideal for me. I’m realizing that this is real!! And I’m excited nervous , scared all rolled into one . I also sometimes feel angry that I allowed myself to get to this point , and now I’m having this narly surgery just so I can get my life back . But also at the end of the day I am grateful that I have the opportunity to do this , and now I’m in beast mode , For the past 2 years I’ve been working on my mind body and soul !!! This is my chance to be the best version of myself .♥️
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    I’m new here

    Wow, I was expecting to drop more in my first few months , hmmmm
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    I’m new here

    Thanks everyone for your input, hey anyone ok with sharing how much weight they lost the first 2 months after sleeve surgery , thanks
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    Sleeve verses bypass

    Hey everyone!! Just joined and I have questions , first of all still not sure what surgery I’m going with and I meet with surgeon next week , so I need to make a decision , wondering if you guys can give me input on the 2 surgeries, I.e the amount of weight loss in the first month to 3 months, the pain involved in both surgeries , the down time and the food restrictions for both procedures . Smooches everyone