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  1. Hi Aussie Bear. Oh thankyou for that info. That's amazing about the weight loss and the reflux. If you don't mind me asking, was your original surgery the band? My surgeon assured me that omega loop will fix my reflux, I am 4 weeks post op and it is worse. I am so upset. He is now telling me it can flare up at first then will settle. So we will see. I am just hoping to be able to shed at least 30 more kgs, but considering this is my 3rd weight loss surgery, I am not sure how possible that will be. I am just struggling to find really anyone who has had all 3 surgeries. I am so interested in other people's journeys =)
  2. Hi guys I am looking for anyone who has gone from lapband to sleeve gastrectomy and finally converted to the mini gastric bypass?? What was your weight loss like with the procedures??