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  1. Thanks everybody, I actually feel better today. Not running or anything, lol but at least I am at work able to function.
  2. weight wise is the team I have had here in OKC, for the first 2 weeks after surgery it was only fluids including sugar free jello, popcicles, and broth, then for one week it was dannon light and fit greek yogurt, refried beans, scrambled eggs and reduced fat cheese, canned chicken or tuna with reduced fat mayo, and 96 oz fluid, this week I got to add baked, broiled or grilled fish and dark meat chicken. Starting Wednesday I can start back on vegetables and just about any meat as long as its lean, high protein low carb diet and continue with 96 oz of fluid daily no snacking and limit soft slippery foods that will empty out of your pouch quicker. oh I weight 275 to start last October, was 262, 2 days before surgery.
  3. Hi Chimen I am pretty new I had sleeve on 5/16/18 almost 1 month out now and I see you poste this in 2017 so how is everything with you now?
  4. Hi my name is Jade, my insurance made me go to diet and exercise classes for 6 months prior to surgery, I had to loose 13 lbs and keep it off for 180 days, I walked every day for 30 minutes and followed a strict diet, finely I made it to surgery, (sleeve) I had it on 5/16/18, I started out with a BMI of 44, @ 275 lbs, I am on a cpap machine, have a fatty liver, elevated blood sugar (pre diabetic) and have family history of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. so I am almost one month out from surgery and I am still so exhausted! I took 2 weeks off work, then I have had to leave work once and have asked for intermittent FMLA because am so exhausted. I took a shower this morning and had to rest 20 minutes before getting dressed. I am getting 100+ ounces of fluid a day with over half of that being electrolytes, I am taking all my bariatric vitamins, I am eating 3 meals a day with no snacking but I cant walk 10 minutes without laying down for an hour or more after. I have had blood drawn but have not got the results back yet, Is this normal? btw I am at 239 lbs 26 days after surgery with a BMI of 38.