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  1. Baychick2016

    100 pounds gone!

    WOW!! You look amazing!! Congratulations!
  2. Baychick2016

    New here and ......

    Thank you Athenarose. My goal is to come out a winner and a functioning survivor of all of this! I think having this surgery after already have gone through four is the scariest. I don’t tolerate pain well and I have difficulty taking meds so it can be quite miserable to say the least. Then when you through in all the do’s and don’ts preop & status post the actual procedure I feel overwhelmed. I try to keep in mind that not will this help me lose weight and get stronger physically I will be in a much better position to protect myself in the future. The person that assaulted me got out of prison earlier this year and to say that I feel vulnerable doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel. I sincerely thank you for the kind words of encouragement.
  3. Baychick2016

    New here and ......

    New here and a little technologically challenged so I have much to learn. I didn’t complete much on my profile as I am currently living under a second court issued protective order and worried about my location being discovered. That is why I didn’t provide who my surgeon is or the name of hospital etc.... I was never a petite size but after the assault I was barely able to walk for nearly theee years without assistive devices. First a cane and then a walker. I had no insurance and didn’t qualify for “assistance” because I owned my own home. It got to the point that mobility was most difficult even with a walker. The pain was unbelievable. I was finally able to get my disability approved and had both hips replaced 6 weeks apart in addition to two other surgeries all in less than 5 months this year. I still have major issues with mobility and my spine will most likely require surgical intervention but it was suggested that I seriously consider weight loss surgery as a result of the weight gain from a very sedentary life for three years in adddition to my still limited mobility which is interfering with my ability to participate successfully with physical therapy. So here I am at this point looking at the gastric sleeve. I want to be successful in this journey. I know I will need help and support. My pre surgery weight loss goal is 10 pounds and post op is 100 pounds. There is so much info out there and it is a little overwhelming. I just want my life back! Forgive me if too lengthy but this is my embarrassing and humiliating story.
  4. Baychick2016

    1 week until surgery, nervous

    Cinwa, thank you so much for your advice and the info. I have had 4 surgeries in less than five months so mobility is an issue. I thought I was “preparing” and making my life a little easier by purchasing a variety of protein products in advance. I will keep this in mind and maybe the ones I don’t like now I may be able to keep down post op. I will check out the World According to Eggface. Should I try and sample some of these now or just wait until they actually instruct me to begin purée diet? Res Ipsa, that Premier protein happens to be in the I haven’t got to it yet repertoire. Hopefully I will like it! Thanks so much for the response. It is so comforting getting this feedback. I live alone and do not have much support nearby. So Grateful to have found this website.
  5. Baychick2016

    1 week until surgery, nervous

    Hello everyone. I am in the very beginning of my bariatric sleeve program. I just had my first nutrition class yesterday. I am now trying to reach weight loss goals preop and trying to find me protein sources so that I can consume 80 grams of protein a day. I have yet to find a liquid protein that doesn’t make me want to hurl! I have been trying different varieties. The only one I found that doesn’t make me want to hurl has 44 grams of sugar in it. I know this will be a no no when I am on my pre and post op liquid diet. Any suggestions? This stuff isn’t cheap either and quite frankly I am concerned. My preop nutrition appt is 7-16. Also what are some puréed food suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  6. Baychick2016

    10 Day Post-op

    Wishing you great success!