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  1. Revision help!

    My question was isn't pouch dilation a reason for a revision?
  2. Revision help!

    I have regained over the past few years and am within 30 lbs of my highest weight. So now my previous bypass medical problems r coming back. I have tried and tried and tried... But I cannot take this weight off.
  3. OK so I had a rny in January 2010. My surgeon that performed it does not do revisions. So I found a surgeon thru my insurance company and met with her this morning. Now she told me she does not do revisions for pouch dilation. I'm so confused!!
  4. The century club that is! It's about dang time lol. But as of today, I'm 100 lbs down since surgery! Yay! 12 more to go until the BMI is "normal"!
  5. 165.1. Gosh is it like molasses now!
  6. Wow no one weighed in yesterday?? This morning I'm 165.9
  7. Dr visit - update

    So I had posted last week that I was going to see my surgeon due to food getting stuck and some abdominal pain. And my surgeon wants me to have an endoscopy. He thinks due to my symptoms, I have an ulcer . So I started on Protonix and am awaiting an endo to be scheduled. Anyone esle dealing with an ulcer??
  8. HCG diet

    Ok I've been hearing about this so much these days. What do you all know about it? Is it safe?
  9. Twins!

    I got pregnant with my daughter one month after GBS and she turned out perfectly fine, just a little small. They monitored me very closely, but everything was fine and now I have a very happy, healthy 5 month old
  10. Ok I'm almost 15 months out and haven't had anything like this happen to me in over a year! I was eating chicken and broccoli (I know, I know....2 big ones to get stuck) and OMG....something got stuck and I had the most awful pain in the world. Not even saliva would pass! I didn't think this would happen this far post op. Either way, I'm seeing my surgeon tomorrow because I haven't been right since. I'm really not tolerating any foods and have been nauseous on and off.
  11. Ugh. Wish I had a day "off". Always something to do!!!

  12. 166.5 today . 3.5 lbs in a week...wow! To be over 14 months out and losing still makes me so happy!!!
  13. 170.0 this morning. I'm past the 90 # mark! 100 here I come.....
  14. are you serious!!!

    I still weigh myself almost everyday. And I'm 14 months out. It's an obsession, though not a healthy one. So I understand and sympathize. All I can tell you is, try just doing it once in the morning. Before you eat and after you pee. Then maybe go down to every other day. Good luck hun
  15. I've been a slacker with weighing in, but that's mostly because I know I'm not losing. I haven't been exercising and I know I need to. This morning I was 172.