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    Ken Cooper, D.O., F.A.C.S.
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    Ken Cooper, D.O., F.A.C.S.

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  1. Thank you......I think I need to start tracking my protein intake, I will call the dietician at the surgeons office. I am probably not getting enough protein to keep my blood sugar stable. I have lost 10% of my initial weight. This is the most weight I have ever lost so I guess it comes with some manageable side effects.
  2. Hi Bob, wow, you have some very impressive weight loss, that is awesome to see your success.
  3. Thanks Jen, I need to get an app to track my intake....yesterday I had a major hypoglycemic episode, fortunately I was with my girlfriend, who is an RN, and she gave me fruit juice and chocolate milk. I got kind of sweaty a few minutes ago too. My weight loss did restart and as of today I am down about 37# since June 25.
  4. Are you getting ready for the Fair???
  5. Hi Geoff, Thank you very much....I like your name of Res Ipsa.....been there done that ! Ed
  6. Hi, I had a vertical sleeve gastrectomy on June 25th. Initially I lost about 30# in the first few weeks but I am now not losing anymore weight even though I am taking in less than 1,200 calories a day. The surgeons nurse pratitioner and the nutritionest told me I was not drinking enough water and not eating enough protein. I am going to start a food log. Does anyone have any experience with this issue ? Thank You, Ed
  7. Thank you. Unfortunately the only time I get to see these unique horses is during the NYS Fair which is the last week in August
  8. I am not sure he was a Belgin Draft Horse at the New York State Fair. They are about the same size as the Budweiser horses
  9. Thank you all. My surgery was postponed until Monday June 25. DSC01211 mod.tifDSC01211 mod.tifDSC01210.tifDSC01211 mod.tif
  10. Hi, I am a guy 6'1" 365# who is tired of being short of breath and unable to walk. I am getting a VSG on June 18.