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  1. Hi Jo, I'm stella from birmingham and I had a sleeve 3 weeks ago also with Dr Richardson, You could try tesco own brand shakes, the strawberry and chocolate were the best forme but I'm not really a shake person. I can only do banana flavour in slim fast. I had milky coffee with added milk powder or hot chocolate in early days. Good luck moving forward :-)
  2. I had a sleeve 3 weeks ago and returned to work after 10 days, it was probably a little soon as my energy levels were rock bottom. If you can be flexible on hours I would but you have to listen to your body. Good luck
  3. Hi, I'm now in week 3 and taking fluids and blended smooth soups but struggling with variety...any suggestions? Also i'm not sure if this is normal but I do t seem to have lost weight? Am I expecting to much to soothe :-/
  4. Hi, I'm 10 days post op and struggling with the exhaustion, and what fluids I can have.