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  1. Thanks for all your replies. I am still considering getting surgery but this has really put doubt in my mind. It is good to hear that someone with similar issues has been successful while on medication. In a way I wish I never came across the posts about post op anxiety. There were a lot of posts not just one, if it had just been one post I it wouldn't have worried me as much. Thanks again and any more expensive experiences from metal health sufferes would be great thanks.
  2. Hi thanks for your reply. I was all ready to go ahead with a mini gastric bypass but reading some reports of people experiencing really bad anxiety post surgery has made me reconsider. I read a post from a women who hadn't had any previous problems having extreme anxiety and panic attacks after surgery. It has really freaked me out. Thanks
  3. I haven't had contact with the doctor yet just the representative from his hospital in Belgium. I live in the UK and was going to go there for conversion from the band to a mini gastric bypass. I have searched a few forums and found post op patients who have suffered with anxiety after surgery. The anxiety was not just around the surgery date it carried on for years in some cases. OCD is an anxiety disorder and any bouts of anxiety could give me a major relapse.
  4. Hi Burgundyboy I was all set to get booked in for surgery but I came across people who had issues post surgery. A number of reports were individuals having panic attacks/anxiety and depression which were not there before surgery. I wouldn't want to take the risk having lived with a severe anxiety disorder for many years. I am currently in a better place with my anxiety/ocd and I wouldn't want to jeopardise that. OCD has become a throw away comment these days. Everyone thinks they have OCD tendencies if they are organised, clean or other normal personally quirks. The reality of OCD is very different including horrible intrusive thoughts and neutralising compulsions. I was hospitalised twice in my 20's because of OCD, I can't risk my anxiety levels being increased which causes OCD to become really bad. I'm really disappointed that I can't risk having the surgery but I better be safe than sorry. Thanks for your reply
  5. Hi I am considering getting conversion surgery from band to bypass. I have done a lot of research and one thing which concerns me is a lot of reports of psychological problems post bypass surgery. I was diagnosed with OCD in my early 20s and have suffered severely with the disorder. I have been a lot better for a few years and I wouldn't want to relapse. Has anyone had any experience with these issues post op? Thanks