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  1. Sounds like you are doing great, congrats!
  2. Gosh. Sorry to hear about what you've been through. I am 13 years post op doing well now... but the malnutrition nearly killed me... two years in bed, clinical depression... no energy. Bypass can be hard. We read all about it when we decided to sign on, we didn't understand any of the side effects could ACTUALLY affect us, because we wanted it so badly and were willing to take the risks. There was actually a time I would have fought to save someone from this surgery... but now I'm healthy again, VERY! And would recommend it to others... just be sure your will is strong enough to fight through whatever may come you way. By the way "good for You... hang in there, this too shall pass."
  3. My 1st thought was gallbladder too. I had mine removed 1year post op. Definately contact your Doc. Another common post op condition that can cause pain like you describe is an ulcer. Very easy treatment plan. I am 13 years post op... Gastric Bypass. I eat fine now, everything is good. But it did takes many years. It is normal to only be able to eat tiny bits... protein us FOR SURE the most necessary... Do your drinks, cottage cheese, what ever suits your fancy.
  4. I personally like the midrise jeans that cuts right across my stomach... it holds everything back nicely. You look great!