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  1. I sent you a email. I experienced almost the same exact symptoms and experience! 

  2. @cinwa yes, ive tried a few things. I am currently scheduled for an endoscopy to make sure everything is okay, i may require one yearly.
  3. hello all! thanks for the kind words. I am doing better and trying to learn my digestion system all over again. i may go vegan or try clean eating .. something thats easier for my stomach to digest. I will keep you all posted.
  4. Hey Yall from Texas, I had gastric bypass in 2010, i lost about 60 lbs and was doing well. over time i started getting sick from eating beans and leafy things such as lettuce. Long story short May of last year i had to have emergency surgery and the bypass was removed. I ended up losing about 6 feet of twisted intestine which is an actual/possible complication of having surgery. Since then my metabolism has slowed down to a hault and im not losing any weight. I hate going to the doctor and they are telling me that I need to watch what I eat .. thats frustrating considering I still have the same habits and eat out the same bowl, like eating 4 ounces. every year im going to have get a CT scan to make sure im not getting more blockage or another obstruction. keep up with your body and what it tells you.. for about a year i lived on gas x and beano thinking i had everything figured out. i went to the doctor and he said i was okay i just didnt have enough bad bacteria to break down the beans.