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  1. Hi all, just been doing some reading here the last few days. Mainly for the support aspect. I had bypass on 5/17/18 and am on the liquid diet until Saturday 5/26, where I start 2 weeks of puree. It's like being a baby all over again. Lol. I'll be on a 6 meal plan once I progress to puree and then for life. So, basically I started this journey in January at 365 lbs. I went in to surgery at 300 lbs after a couple months of a 1600 calorie practice diet and 28 days of preop VLCD "liver shrink". That's the fastest I have ever lost weight and somewhat difficult to maintain. I've been up and down over most of my adult life, being around a low of 300 lbs 2x and a high of 365 lbs 3x in the last 18 years. That was my max. It had become increasingly difficult to lose the weight, and honestly, I joke that it was extremely difficult to only be that fat; constantly trying to make healthy choices, only drinking water, exercise, etc. I have sleep apnea (diagnosed 2006), hypertension (2010), and am pre-diabetic. I smoked for 20 years, switched to vape low nic in 2016, and quit completely in February. In addition, I have watched my father's weight slowly kill him over the last 15 years. He has had no life what so ever and I know that's my future. With that said, I'm nervous and hope I made the right decision. It was very difficult, and reality has set in that this is forever and there's no turning back, even if I want to. Anyhow, my surgeons said not to Google anything, all plans are different. Lol. I have every intention of following my program as best as I can. I've been using forums related to my interests for 20 years and have met a lot of good people, including a good handful of life-long friends. I intend to continue this on my WL journey.