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  1. Rager2Sharp

    It's been a while, Hey Guys.

    I haven't been on in a while. I just wanted to give you guys a bit of an update now that I'm finished with finals I can "hop back on the wagon" so to speak. I just got the news today that I will not be having bariatric surgery this year. I know of people on TT that have had this same disappointment. I'm sure you can imagine how I'm feeling right now. The office that I chose knew which procedure I wanted (Roux-N-Y Bypass) in May when I spoke with my first doctor (Dr. Melton). It was written in my file. I asked this doctor (who only does gastric sleeves and other less invasive procedures) if I needed to do anything differently as far as insurance, medical tests, or diet. He told me no. I did my 6 months of supervise weight loss with them where their "nutritionist" would routinely tell me to quit loosing weight so quickly. This of course was upsetting, but i kept telling myself that it was only one day a month, I just need to make it to surgery day. I got to the end of my 6 moth supervision (this was the end of October) and when they set me up for my required appointments with a dietitian and psychiatric evaluation, ($250 a piece through their office) they acted like, they had never heard that I was aiming for the Bypass. It was in my folder, and I had talked to Blake the nutritionist about it (he kept trying to talk me out of it) so i know "they" knew. Because of this they tell me that the psychiatric evaluation they do in house isn't good enough, and they will have to get back to me when they can either refer me to someone, or get their in-house psychiatrist certified. Either way, they were telling me it was going to take 5 sessions in order to satisfy insurance requirements. (which isn't true for me). (They also would not refund the money i had given them for those appointments.) I made a mistake and trusted them too much. I gave them two weeks to get back to me with a solution for the psychiatric evaluation. No one ever called. My father referred me to the person that did his (who is amazing) and I did it in one session OVER THE PHONE. I felt like i was finally getting somewhere after almost a month of run-around. They finally gave me an appointment to set up my surgery day with the new doctor. A new doctor (Dr. Stembridge) joined the practice sometime during my supervised weight loss period, and I was given him as my doctor because he is the only one there that will preform bypasses. I met him for the first time Thursday the 13th (he was supposed to give me my surgery date then). He comes out of nowhere and says he wants an EGD (which the other doctors don't require). I had that done yesterday. During that procedure, he he found a hiatal hernia, and diagnosed me with sleep apnea. They had to stop surgery to put a breathing tube in because my oxygen level dropped. As I came out of surgery, he told me that because of this he wont do surgery on me until it is "controlled". I'm frustrated because this was the only window of time I had within the next 6 moths at least. I feel like I've been lied to and taken advantage of. I understand them not wanting to do it until it is safe, but i don't understand how sleep apnea disqualifies me from the surgery when they would insert a breathing tube during the surgery any way. Plus i thought people had this kind of surgery to HELP with apnea. Why couldn't i have had these tests done in November or October when there would have been enough time in case something wasn't perfect. Just because i didn't have a psychiatric evaluation? What does that have to do with having an EGD done? I guess this post is part warning to others looking to go here (Sterling Bariatric Center in Moultrie Ga), but mostly it's just a way to express my disappointment. anyway, much love guys <3
  2. Rager2Sharp

    Pre-surgery weight loss

    My mom lost over 100 lbs in her late 20s early 30s and she lived with the excess skin for 20 years. Finally, she looked into getting it removed and lo and behold her insurance covered it. I'm not terribly worried about the extra skin right now anyway. I'm sure there will be a time when i am, but I've gotta worry about one thing at a time lol. Plus that means i wont have to worry about pregnancy "ruining" my body, there will be plenty of extra room lol
  3. Rager2Sharp

    Pre-surgery weight loss

    I forgot to ask before, he also said i should start using a skin firming creme lipoxyderm. I assume it's effectiveness is another one of his uneducated suggestions (though even if an actual doctor had suggested it, i think i would still be skeptical of a topical ointment. when things sound too good to be true they usually are). Has anyone on here actually used it with success or am i better off not wasting the money?
  4. Rager2Sharp

    Pre-surgery weight loss

    @BurgundyBoy so far not a problem (down 45 lbs from my sw, knock on wood). I imagine I've got my age going for me, but loosing weight has never been my problem. Once i get going, I'm good at losing weight, but i fall back into old habits and gain it all back. This always happens when i reach a particular weight, and I'm hoping that wls will help me more easily get over that mental barrier. If they can deny you for not losing weight during the observation period, that does make me worry about my dad though. He's working toward a sleeve gastrectomy, but his health is very poor at the moment and every time i go see him he asks how much weight I've lost then tells me how much he's gained. He just turned 50 and i cant help but be reminded that his dad passed at 54 of a heart attack. Plus the fart doesn't listen to anyone
  5. Rager2Sharp

    Pre-surgery weight loss

    Im lucky enough not to have comorbidities but I would have to loose like 150 lbs to be under a 40 BMI. I would literally have to eat nothing until my surgery date. Why didn’t I think of that! I’ll keep on like I am but when I go to get weighed I’ll just put a couple weights in my pockets but really I told my husband I just won’t worry about carbs so much the Sunday before and that Monday morning. I so much as look at a carb the wrong way and it seems I gain 5 lbs in water weight lol
  6. Rager2Sharp

    Asking for prayers from the group

    awe thats aweful! I can imagine nothing anyone can say would ease the pain for her family, they’ve been through such heartbreak! I hope someday they can find peace ❤️
  7. Rager2Sharp

    Pre-surgery weight loss

    I wish! I’m a GA transplant (born in PA) I have ZERO southern charm/ people skills lol
  8. Rager2Sharp

    Pre-surgery weight loss

    @athenarose yup same guy. I swear there’s something about him that’s skeevy to me. Something along the lines of “that friend you haven’t talked to since high school but messages you on Facebook trying to get you roped into their pyramid scheme”. I really only have to see him like 3 more times. I’ll just hold out for my surgery date while getting my info from more credible sources lol he even told me “ don’t tell anyone, I could get fired for saying this”. Like bruh. Probably a good reason for that...
  9. Rager2Sharp

    Pre-surgery weight loss

    @Stephtay that’s the reassurance I was hoping for lol. I would have payed him no mind at all but he’s technically “part of my medical team”. At least that’s how I felt. This was the person who checks my weight every month. This person is a nutritionist, not a registered dietitian and I think I need to learn to take the advice they give me with a grain of salt. When I had my very first meeting with my surgeon I asked him specifically about this and he told me not even to worry about it. I think I’ll listen to the actual doctor.
  10. Rager2Sharp

    Pre-surgery weight loss

    Hey guys. I was curious how much weight each of you were able to lose in the 6 month observation period. I started myself on a low carb diet before I even set up my first appointment and have been doing well so far, but was told by someone today that I better slow down my weight loss or my insurance might deny me because they think I can do it on my own. I was just wondering if any of you have had anyone say this to you, or if you’ve had insurance deny you for this reason. I would still be well above the BMI threshold for bypass I was just kindof disheartened by the comment today because I thought I was doing really well.
  11. Rager2Sharp

    Quotes To Live By!

    I've considered getting this tattooed on me somewhere. I am often too reserved in times where i wish i wasn't. I'm hoping my weight loss journey helps me open up to adventure.
  12. Rager2Sharp

    What should I do at noon today?

    I know it's a little off topic, but THIS! It's not a perfect analogy but can you imagine someone walking up to an acquaintance saying something like "Wow Susan, your bipolar symptoms seem to be improving, are you on new meds?" But anyone who's ever seen you bigger will come up and ask you about your weight-loss process lol
  13. Rager2Sharp

    Discouraging Nutritionist?

    It is not a Bariatric Center of Excellence as far as i know @msmarymac . To be honest I didn't even know there was such a thing before I joined TTF. I was just trying to pick somewhere that was close enough that i could work appointments around my schedule and that i felt comfortable driving to by myself. When I talked to my surgeon he said that none of the surgeons there were certified to perform a bypass, just the sleeve and a few less invasive procedures. They will be getting a NEW surgeon that will be certified in Bypass sometime over the next 6 months. He said if i choose bypass, he would just assist the new surgeon. http://bariatrics.colquittregional.com/ @Stephtay Sugar is my biggest weakness FOR SURE! I don't regularly drink alcohol and would absolutely not be a problem to give it up. (I'm talkin like one wine cooler maaaybe every six months lol). I have also assumed I have GERD, though i haven't gotten a diagnosis because I just haven't gone to the doctor regularly since i stopped seeing my pediatrician! (That's about to change i guess!)
  14. Rager2Sharp

    What should I do at noon today?

    You do you! My strategy would be don't say anything unless she directly asks "How are you doing it?" I know personally i wouldn't be able to keep it a secret if she asked me directly lol I want to keep my surgery to myself too, but I'm a big ole blabber mouth and know ill have a hard time with that lol. I do want to severely limit who knows at least until i actually go through with it. (I will not be talked out of this dangit!) But honestly, if she cant support you on your journey to a healthier you, might be time to learn to love from a distance. We (i) get so wrapped up in what other people think, we (i) forget to live our lives for ourselves sometimes.