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  1. Rager2Sharp

    Sleeve Surgery, Recovery, ... Stairs?

    I met with my surgeon and he said early December should be no problem. My finals are the first full week of the month so as soon as i can get it after I'm finished with testing is my goal. I just found out yesterday two of my aunts are having it done this summer so they'll be good support. I also found out that by the time I'm done with my 6 months of supervised weight loss the clinic I go to will offer full gastric bypass instead of just the sleeve, which i am so excited for and was what i wanted to begin with (not to say anything negatively about the sleeve). The most exciting thing I found out yesterday though is that my dad has made an appointment to talk to a doc. about getting the sleeve. (He has previously gotten the Lapband and has had complications with that.) This makes me so happy, he's also struggled with his weight and has recently really declined in health because of it. I am truly getting worried that he may not be around to meet my kids when they arrive. If he goes through with it i will almost certainly be staying with my parents to recover. (Part of the reason i was reluctant to stay at my parents was my dad tends to think he knows better than the doctors and tries to "work around" their directions. I didn't want this influencing me, but if he's going to take this seriously I'm much less reluctant.) Looks like the menu for this Christmas dinner is gonna be sugar free popsicles and broth lol
  2. Hi all! I'm new to this process, and am having my first meeting with my surgeon tomorrow 5/16/18. I'm required by my insurance to meet with nutritionist for 6 months and to do a psych eval. like many others so it will be a while before i actually get the surgery. I am in college full time and i wonder if it is realistic to shoot for an early December surgery date. My other question is... i live in a two story house where the only bathroom is upstairs. Because of this and the fact that my husband will not be able to take off work to be able to take care of me, my mother wants me to stay with her wile I am recovering. I would prefer to stay at home if i can, but i don't want to make things harder on myself or anyone else if i don't have to. Do you think i will be better to stay at home or go to my mother's in order to recover?