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  1. So this was me at my highest weight and then about 3 months ago. I've been steady with my weight but it's ok. I've only lost about 5 to 10lbs the last few months. But here you go.
  2. I cant quit crying. The only thing I liked about myself was my hair! And now I'm losing it like crazy!
  3. I am losing my hair badly!!! I have long long thick hair and now it's so thin! I lose this amount of hair all the time!!! Help please. I'm crying over it! This was one of the reasons why I didn't want to do the surgery. I just want my hair back!
  4. Ok so I'm down 73lbs from my highest weight and 63 since surgery a little over 3 months ago. I had what I called the moon face. Now my neck is making me regret doing the surgery. Help me please. It's bad. And now my face is starting to do it too!!! Ugh!!! Mind you I'm only 32 years old. About to be 33.
  5. I like the strawberry and the banana ones. I dont think they are thick I think they are watery. Everyone is different tho.
  6. Ok so I'm doing good on my protein now. I have more energy now. I use premier protein. Bananas and cream, strawberries and cream, and the vanilla one. I just bought the peach one so I haven't tried that one yet. I'm not big on chocolate. I was having a hard time drinking the shakes but now I'm good.
  7. I'm dying for some soda over here! I know I cant have it but I really want a Dr. Pepper tho!
  8. I mean other than the premiere protein. Like a liquid protein from a GNC store. I cant get the premiere protein down. I'm not meeting my protein intake and I think I can with liquid protein from GNC.
  9. I want to piggy back this if that's ok? Can we do a liquid protein? I cant get enough in so I was wondering if we can do a liquid protein??
  10. I am 1 day short of a month out from surgery and I have no energy. I feel tired all the time. I can manage to get my kitchen done but anything beyond that I just cant. Help! I just did my lab work today so...... if this continues what should I do? I get dizzy too. That could be from my vertigo tho.
  11. Well i got 2 shots over ice with sugar free vanilla syrup and skim milk. So far so good.
  12. I have no energy and was wondering if I could do espresso to get a little umph..... I can have coffee..... please help.
  13. Ok so my name is Jennifer or Jenn not Jenny. Lol. Soni had the sleeve done on June 27th and today marks day 17. In 17 days I have lost 27lbs!!! Wow!!! In the beginning it was so hard. The broth then the soups and now I'm on day 3 of soft foods. Yay! So far for me it's a head game. I have cried twice for some substance in the very beginning but I am doing so much better now that I can get some soft foods in. I had the 2nd thought of oh no what did I do? Of course I dont regret doing this!! I am so glad that I have. I didn't do this for me I did it for my kids. So I can see them grow up and have
  14. Just drink the broth that's in the pho soup? Oh Hey, when could I have watermelon?? Is it considered a melon?
  15. It's me again.....lol..... anyways how do you all deal with family eating out in front of you or taking you to a restaurant when you are still on the liquid diet phase???? Its killing me. I have made some my favorite meals for my family and they have eaten out at mexican restaurants and its bugging me. I am doing good too. I am 4 days away from getting my cheese, yogurt, eggs and cottage cheese. But seeing all this makes me want a cheese stick! Or refried beans. Ugh! Help me! Today is day 11 since I had the surgery. On a plus side I am down 20lbs.....
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