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  1. I have only done clear liquids at this time because of my stomach issues
  2. I am 1 week post op. I did have problem with constipation so I too Miralax. I had 3 days of constant cramps and then have to go to bathroom. It has settled down a bit. But every time I sip something I have stomach cramps and have to go to bathroom. Anyone else have this issue?
  3. I had a sleeve than bypass. I have an excellent doctor and bariatric clinic. I am only 5 days post op, but I feel good about it. My doctor is in New Orleans. Dr Wooldridge at Ochsner Clinic.
  4. I was taking A-Red for macular degeneration. Is there something else can take? I am 5 days post op
  5. I used Miramax, at first the harder bowel movements were more difficult. Now for last 3 days bseen in aganoy. Every time I even sip liquids my stomach cramps and I have to goto bathroom with liquid movements. I guess as the Miralax moves through, I am going less often. However a simple sip of water sends me to bathroom. I think all bypass patients should be given a colon cleanser before surgery. I stopped eating a week before my surgery as I was instructed. Lord how long can this last? I am only consuming clear liquids,and not near amount I should because of stomach issues.
  6. I am 4 days post op and bevause of all the pain meds I am a bit constipated. Does anyone know if there is a stool softener without laxative we can take? Even if pediatric
  7. I am ok with not being able to eat a lot at one time of foods I love. I just want to know I can experience them. High fat, high sugar Are there foods or dishes you can't eat?
  8. Feeling nervous. Today was more difficult on liquid diet than previous days. I don't have anyone to take me so I am catching a cab to hospital. I guess easier if you have someone with you.
  9. Even though I am 222 pounds, i am not having the surgery for weight loss, however that is a great benefit. The reason my doctor suggested it is because I have severe GERD. I had the gastric sleeve about 6 years ago. I did loose weight but gained a lot back. I am hoping with the bypass I have better success with even smaller stomach and more severe restrictions to food. I am scared of the bends. I already eat small portions, but I eat small portions of the wrong foods. I live in New Orleans and the food is fantastic here and I am a chocolate lover. I have been told I may be able to eat some sugar or fat foods in the future but only a bite or two without suffer with the bends. A bite or two I enough for me to just know I can experience those foods. I have been trying to eat all my favorite foods before. Since I can't eat much it has been limiting. I have to do liquid diet for a week before surgery.