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  1. Jade35

    How long till drive after surgery

    Hi All - Thanks for your replies! I was (and am) planning to get a lift home from the hospital - just wanted to find out if people were a bit better off than I was expecting. I have previously driven myself home from the hospital from minorish surgeries when I have been in overnight or longer so not potentially under anesthetic. Unfortunately due to my rural location (though not so bad as Aussie Bear) it is about 1.5 hours each way to the closest regional centre (where i will be having the surgery - for less common things, I have to go to the state capital 4 hours away which is even more challenging). With no partner or family here it is difficult to get a lift to the hospital and home - all my friends work and have families so it is a big deal for them to organise time to do this for me, especially when you don't find out times till the day of, or the night prior. My experience here in Aus, is that hospitals don't really check if you have a lift home or not - For day surgery they ask, but as long as I say yes - they let me wander down to the lobby on my own to meet my lift. If I was to take a taxi, or even drive myself they wouldn't have known. The same for multi-day stays - they have just asked that I have a way to get home, and let me leave on my own - sometimes I had a lift in the lobby, sometimes a taxi to a local hotel, sometimes I drove my own car home. I've never been handed over to my pickup person in a wheelchair as such. I'm also hoping to take two weeks of leave prior to returning to work, interesting that my surgeon said one work is usually ok for a desk job but most disagree. I should be able to work from home, if I'm not up to actually going in. Thanks :-)
  2. Hi all, I was just wondering how long it took till you were able to drive after surgery. I'm currently planning a sleeve, and have been told I will be in hospital for 3 days. And that I should be discharged on over the counter type pain meds, but with a prescription for stronger meds if necessary. Were you able to drive immediately after going home? Did anyone drive themselves home from the hospital? Or were you required to avoid driving for a period/while on meds etc? I will need to drive to my post up appointments at 2 weeks (2 hr round trip), and will need to drive (short trip) if I want to return to work, (rural so no public transport, and its challenging to get lifts) which I was told should be fine for desk duty from 1 wk. Thanks
  3. Jade35

    left side pain

    Is it a new pain or has it been ongoing for a while. Pain just on one side could be a kidney stone? Any symptoms on urination - blood, urgency, frequency? If you think it's a possibility - def get checked out - when they get stuck the pressure damages your kidneys. I had a couple of surgeries for my last one - and the initial stone pain wasn't as bad as you would think (despite having completely blocked urine output on that side). Although - pretty much any worrisome pain should be checked out even if this isn't a likely cause :-)
  4. Jade35


    Thank you so much everyone!!!! I feel so reassured by all of your replys. I'm glad my pre-op diet will only be for 2 weeks - the surgeon/dietician does seem very set on optifast - you are right that it's like they have shares in the company :-). The post op diet is much less specific with protein powder and several brands of commercially available drinks on the lists. However, I'm sure if I swapped out the optifast for another brand with similar nutritional values (not one of the sugary ones) then it would be fine. Glad to hear lots of people were back to work quickly - If I can even manage working from home at least I won't be burning through my leave. I'm just conscious that my boss has been really good about covering my projects in the lab while I have been unable to several times in the last couple of years. I guess by going through with the surgery I'm going to hopefully reduce the need for this in the future.
  5. Jade35


    Hi All, I'm Jade from Aus -I've just had my first consult with my surgeon and surgery dietician (I had been seeing another dietician for a while). I'm currently feeling pretty overwhelmed, and have heaps of questions that I have thought of since my appointment. I'm hoping losing weight will help my chronic migraines. I also have PCOS and a number of other health issues. I'm scared I will either fail to lose weight, put it all back on, or lose it, still be sick, and be even more unhappy with the loose skin.... so many doubts at this stage. I'm booked in for my gastroscopy next week, and when I get the results on the 24th, I will know the surgery can go ahead. I was originally planning September for the sleeve, but now I am thinking July. How long do people usually take off work? I have a somewhat active job (chemistry lab), I can go back on modified duties, but want to go back as soon as possible. My surgeon said 2 weeks at home, then another 2 at a desk, then prob more till I can do any heavy lifting, but I have previously found that surgeons estimates pre-surgery can be optimistic (i.e. for my shoulder surgery the estimate was 3 months, but it took a year for me to be back on full duties) so I am worried. I'm also somewhat terrified of the pre-surgery diet. I have to do 2 weeks of optifast. 3 meals a day with 2 cups non starchy veg. I have failed shake diets previously before - and couldnt keep going for more than a couple of days, and that wasn't all the meals. I'm hoping that with a definite end date this will be different! Thanks everyone