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  1. Thanks, these all look really delicious, I can’t wait to try them!
  2. Thanks for all the support! does anyone have any good recipes for soft solid meals???
  3. I never thought I would start gaining weight again. I think I got into the mind set that I was invincible, that I could eat whatever I wanted and I wouldn’t put on weight again cos of my lap band. I proved that theory wrong! I didn’t realize I could stretch my stomach so much. I wish I had found the reset diet last year, when I started gaining the weight again, instead of waiting til now. Like I said earlier, I definitely feel like my restriction is back after doing the reset diet last week. I’m paying more attention to how much I’m eating and making sure I stop when it starts to feel tight. I haven’t weighed myself yet, so I don’t know how much, if any, I’ve lost since last week. I’m going to try and get back to the gym tonight. So I’ll try and weigh myself there.
  4. How was everyone’s weekend? Did we all stay on track? Did we fall off the wagon? I have a weakness for crispy breaded chicken wings (the little ones).... I ate four of these yesterday. That’s all I had to eat all day though. I feel like my restriction is back again when I try to eat solid food so I’m going to try and stick to the soft solids during the week and leave the solids for the weekends.
  5. Thanks @Stephtay that’s really great advice! The hardest part is the temptations at work, I.e. people ordering take out, or inviting me to go out to lunch. I said no to all of it this week. I stuck to my plan and just ate the foods from the reset diet. I even cut out all my snacks. I’m feeling a little bit proud of myself! I really appreciate all your comments here. It’s been a big comfort, being able to jump in here and read your suggestions and positivity when I was feeling tempted. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who has/is dealing with this. Thank you all!
  6. That was always my excuse “it’s fine, I’m only eating small amounts” but then I was just eating these small amounts all day long. How long ago was your surgery @Carina?
  7. Thanks for your reply @Res Ipsa have you tried the reset? How did it work for you? My doctor is back home in Australia, I moved to the US last year. So it’s going to be quite expensive for me to try and find a new doctor over here. I think my issue is that I’ve gradually been pushing the limits of what I can eat, so I’ve been eating more of all the bad foods, like bread, that I used to eat before surgery. Just need some help and support to stay accountable and in control especially when co workers try and tempt me with burgers and tater tots!!!
  8. I’m 8 yrs post op and everything was going great until the last few years where I’ve started gaining weight again and I’m struggling to get it off again. I’ve been reading a bit about pouch reset diets and I’m giving that a try. I’d really appreciate some comments from others who have or are going through this as well. Does the pouch reset really work? What are some other ways that have worked for you?