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  1. Tummy tuck on June 26th. I have to say the worst part was staying bent over for a week. I had more back pain and leg cramps than pain in my stomach. And even with that, my pain was no more than a 5. Very pleased with my results. Can't wait to finish healing so I can start exercising. Feel free to ask any questions. Pre and 2 week pic
  2. After losing 50 lbs and 50 inches 3 years ago thru diet and exercise, I'm finally scheduled for my TT and I can't wait! I've read all the posts here and talked with folks about what to expect. I just can't wait to look down and not see a roll of skin sitting on my jeans. In my mind, even though the doctor assured me that it's skin, I still fear it's fat. So here's to the countdown to surgery