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  1. I will do that... I hoping to set consults up at the end of the year if I get my weight down enough... It looks like I may have hit a plateau right now in that. I'm finding keeping the weight loss going now is getting harder. The last 35ish lbs (won't know for sure what my final goal should be until I'm closer to it) may take longer than I thought, so the plastics will be farther off than I had hoped! Thanks, - Karen
  2. The way real self is set up I don't know how many of the reviews are real ... some seem like advertising... and then there is the case when their are a lot of positive reviews but with server; very negative ones for the same procedure... I just feel that info from here would be more reliable... but if no one here has had significant work done around Boston, I'll have to look elsewhere. Thanks, - karen
  3. Hi Brenda, I have not had it yet... Right now I'm at about 195lbs so at least more 30 to go to get to the right weight, then I need to stay there AT LEAST 3 months (maybe 6) before any sugery... The earliest would be some time next year - Karen
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. I will ask my GP, but he does not deal with massive weight loss patients so does have any personal experience seeing results from his patients. He would likely ask other MDs. I would love to hear from those with actual experience locally if possible. - Karen
  5. I'n still likely 5 or so months from reaching goal, so at least 9ish months before I will be ready to start the body contouring procedures, but I would like to start researching who to see for consults, which I hope to start towards the end of this year. That will give me time to figure out finances... At my age I don't want to wait too long as I suspect the older one is the more difficult the recovery. As I have not had bariatric surgery I can't get recommendations that way... I was hoping some here could offer suggestions. When I'm ready for the surgery I should be roughly 200lbs below my max weight, so I need just about everything (including a drooping backside!), although I don't have back rolls. Money matters but results and safety are very important as well. So I would appreciate anything anyone who had it done in the greater Boston area is will to share about who they went to, what they had done, and how things went for them. Thanks, - karen
  6. Hi Mary, Had to fly for work a couple of months ago... That happened to me coming and going... and at the time I had no clue why! Thanks, - Karen
  7. Hi steph, While I am in relatively good health, I do need to get into better shape... but I need to do it slowly... Right now I am doing 6-7 miles on a stationary bike a day... and for me that is hard... I'll do more when that gets easier. I've seen RealSelf but after looking at that and here, I decided here was better! I know I can't afford to go cheap and be safe... I suspect the Boston area will not be that different from the Bay area price wise... at the age I will be, it might be best to spend 2 or 3 days in the hospital afterwards just to be safe... I don;t recall what procedures you had from the earlier threads but I will check... that can make a huge difference in price too... Which is one reasons to do consultation early... so the money can be worked out! Thanks, - karen
  8. Looking more at the literature (not surgeon's websites) I see all sort of different opinions about age and complications... from what you said to what I posted earlier (couple said the likelyhood of clots increases with age)... I think you are right about being in good health though... In general my blood work says I am. Thanks, - Karen
  9. Hi Rachel, Thanks for the reply, From what I've seen here and elsewhere the time MDs want at steady weight can be anywhere from 3 months to 1 year and depends on the specific doctor's practice... I'm hoping to keep losing at 2lbs per week... If I can do that, that would be over a 60 lb loss by the end of the year, which would put me at 157... So 3 months after that would put me at April 2019, 6 months next July and a year Jan 2020. But the big question of course is what my goal weight should be... As I said I have a big frame with a stocky build, and have lost a lot of height with age (a bit over 4") and have a curved spine and I suspect I have big leg muscles from carrying the weight, so I am unsure what would be a good final weight... Using the ideal weight calculator that considers frame and sex at : http://www.superskinnyme.com/ideal_weight_calculator.html For a large frame woman at 5'7" the idea weight range =149-168lbs If I plug my height in from my 30's (5'11") I get 161-184lbs That is why I picked 165lbs as my goal for now... it seemed a safe goal to aim for. But because of my situation I think what I need is a measurement of body fat percentage rather than BMI or these on-line caclulators to be sure. BMI alone makes a lot of assumptions which might not hold for me... From what I read the best ways to do that for my situation (with the lose skin and big stock frame) would be by water displacement or DEXA scan... but those are not things I can do myself! I may need consults just to figure that out! I do get occasional irritation and rashes but they have never been really bad (and I never went to my GP with them). If I make sure I keep the areas dry under the folds, they don't happen... So I don't think I will get any insurance coverage and am not counting on it... I do have retirement money... which I could make up by working longer... I don't think I will get any more natural skin tightening... I have been 250lbs or less for over 5 years (highest was 370lbs) and did not see any... For the last year I have been taking collagen peptide and vitamin C supplements, which in combination, is supposed to help with collagen production in the skin... if it is doing anything at all it's pretty minor! Thanks, - Karen
  10. Thanks for the reply... So far it does not look like their will be a lot of answers... Maybe none who are here now had plastics when over 60... In the mean time I have been looking at the medical literature... There is a paper where the doctor said he would not do a lower body lift on anyone over 55 because of a higher complication rate... another says complications get worst over 60... When I get to 180lbs, I will go for some consults and see what they say...Unfortunately I may just have to live with looking like a deflated ballon for the rest of my life. - karen
  11. As I mentioned in my intro post I have lost about 150lbs from my highest weight and have maybe have about 50-60 more to go. I am think about doing something about all the extra skin when I get my weight down more ...so that would be over 200lbs from my highest weight. If it matters I have not had bariatric surgery. I have been heavy most of my life... i was over 200lbs by the 8th grade so I guess I have never known what it is to look 'normal'. Right now I need almost everything even though my weight is not all the way down yet... While I don't have back rolls I do already have a pannus that hangs down about 5 inches, loose skin hanging from my now too small back side, my thighs are very wrinkled, skin is starting to hang a bit at the knees and even my calfs have loose skin... In my 30's I was up to 360 lbs, but in my early 40's I managed to quickly get down to about 200lbs for awhile... while still heavy I had almost no breasts so I had implants done then... Could not stay there because I though I still looked terrible (as I did it on my own I did not realize that much of the ugliness was from lose skin!) and people were telling me I lost too much weight and looked sickly... Ballooned back up 370lbs... Which I started slowly losing again over about the last 10 yeas and last year got more serious about it... I don't know how much of the damage I've done to myself can be undone at this point... i really don't know what it feels like to look normal, never mind attractive... but it's something I would like to know... if it's not too late. To that end I have read most of the posts in this forum... some of it scares me... it looks like a few almost lost their lives after their plastics, many suffered a whole lot and more than few who needed much as I do had long hard recoveries and had to be out of work for extended periods (something that would be problematic for me). And of course the cost has me worried as well. One thing that has me worried are complications at my age... Most who had these surgeries here looked to be significantly younger than I when they had their plastics... I figure I would be ready in about a year or a bit longer so that would put me at between 63.5- 64.5 years old when I did it (will be 63 this summer)... and complications are more likely with age (and I suspect results are affected by it too). I wonder if maybe I waited to long to deal with my weight for taking this step... maybe looks don't matter so much anymore for a senior citizen as well... but I would like to know what it is like to look 'normal'... Has anybody here had extensive plastics in their 60's? If so how did it go for you? BTW how do people set their goal weights? I assume those that have had bariatric surgery set it with teh help of a physician expert in this area... My GP just uses BMI.. I have some issues that make me think BMI is not the right way (scoliosis and kyphosis- which happened young, as well as height loss with age - 4"- and big frame by wrist measurement). Also does an estimate of weight of loose skin figure into your goal weight if you are going to have it removed? I would think loosing too much weight before major plastic surgery would not be healthy! Thanks for any sharing! - karen
  12. Hi Mary, Thanks for the reply! I'm not here looking for advice on how to get or keep weight off.. I know having gastric surgery helps deal with that so people's experience here with that won't be relevant to me... But in many ways I think dealing with the aftermath of massive weight loss would be the same regardless of how one loses it... I don't know if there exists a good forum for those who lost more than 100lbs that did it without surgery , so I would like to stick around for awhile if people don't mind... I can relate to the airport scanner thing... I rarely fly but had to a couple of months ago and I got pulled out of line and patted down going and coming. Each time they said something about the waist/groin area... Until now I had no clue why! Never though it could be because of the skin hanging down! Thank you for sharing that... it now makes sense! While the intro topic is not the place for detailed discussions on it, I do want to hear of people's experience with body contouring, the specific procedure they had, the results, recoveries, scaring, COST etc... - Karen
  13. Hi All, I have not had gastric bypass surgery and don't think I will... but I have a lost a LOT of weight (and hope to lose more) and already I can see a lot of the aftermath I have to deal with. I thought this place might be helpful with that. I was always heavy and by the time I was in my mid 30's I was 360lbs ... I don't think I need to tell those here how that had affected my life... I finally decided to do something about it and managed to get down to about 200 by the time I was 40... but while i felt physically better I looked horrible with all the lose skin... and after awhile depression set in and my weight shot back up all the way to 370lbs... As i got older though I started having more physical issues with the weight and worried about what thought mean as I aged... I am in my early-mid 60s now I have slowly managed to get my weight back down... on the scale this morning I was 224lbs... but as I lose weight the lose skin again is becoming more and more of an issue and it seems worst than before... While I know this not true for everyone who loses a lot of weight, for me to be successful in keeping it off, I need to be able to look in the mirror and see a more 'normal' body for all this effort at at the end... I figured there are likely some here who felt like I do after their weight loss, and I would like to hear about how they handled it. If I can lose more, I am considering the body contouring procedures (though money and age are likely to be issues!). I thought people here who have gone that route could answer questions about their experiences with it. I put a goal weight down when I signed up but several factors make it hard for me to know what it should be or how applicable standard BMI calculations are to me (very big frame- by wrist measurement so not just by looks, scoliosis, significant kyphosis as well as height loss with age - In my 30's I was 5'11" and now am 5'7)... Those who have had gastric bypass have had expert medical help with setting their goals and I don't think my GP goes beyond standard BMI. Anyway all that is why I am here. If this forum is only for those who have had gastric bypass or are planning it, please let me know and I will leave. Thanks for listening. - Karen