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  1. A good read, but factually incorrect in places,eg "You will need to take high doses of fat-soluble vitamins every day." you will need to supplement AEDK vitamins, but the dry form, you cannot absorb the fat soluble form of these vitamins
  2. I know it is an old thread, but one thing comes to mind Way back when, gastric sleeve was the first part of a two part surgery, the second part being the duodenal switch The gs provides restriction the ds provides mal absorption. Maybe you need the second part Downside is you have to take a lot of vitamins.. but really, is that so hard?
  3. Old post... but still I've gotten pretty good at meeting the protein requirement. For sweet my goto is oiko triple free greek yogurt .. 15 gm per cup for savory, bone broth soup, again~ 15 gm protein per cup For breakfast, cottage cheese,again ~15 gm per cup Do one of these 6 times and you meet your daily goal
  4. Had it done last may, and never regretted it I like the small portions, if I order more than one thing at a restaurant, the second thing comes home, and is a small lunch for days
  5. Sorry... what is DMD As to sodastream... it's great, though I've not used it since the surgery
  6. Alas... I follow rules.. it's just that some of them don't make any sense to me. That, and I wanted to check with those who know, in case I was going to explode. If I broke the rule My seltzer of choice is soda stream
  7. Re.. The gas released from a carbonated beverage mat "stretch" your stomach pouch. Food forced through the pouch by the carbonation could also significantly enlarge the size of your stoma (the opening between the stomach pouch and intestines of patients who have had a gastric bypass or biliopancreatic diversion). Presumes 1 the stomach is an elastic membrane 2 it has a plastic limit that's exceeded by the gas pressure They already argued that the pressure pushes food out, which can do nothing but reduce pressure Now, my physiology is weak, but pre vsg my understan
  8. I did read in one place that the phosphoric acid in carbonated drinks reduced calcium absorption.. that made the most sense to me Not sure if simple seltzer ( or simple soda stream) has any phosphoric acid, or if it is a byproduct of simple carbonation.. my home brew chemistry is just not good enough Lifehacker suggests the acid is just associated with colas "The researchers suggest that the problem may actually lie with caffeine and phosphoric acid found in colas—neither of which are found in sparkling water." https://lifehacker.com/three-myths-about-sparkling-water-debunked-17
  9. Why no carbonated drinks post SG I can see why for coke... that stuff can rot steel... but seltzer, come on Anyone know the reason?
  10. Re:"couple of nights ago I mentioned that I was up a couple of pounds and my Perfect Wife commented that I was slipping back into bad old habits, which in my case is snacking after dinner. Old habits die " What luck, she waits for you to bring up the subject first.. perfect indeed:)
  11. Incidence of gallstones after sleeve gastrectomy Anyone have trouble with gallstones? I was given a med to avoid them, so I looked up how often it occurs (28% vs 34% for RNY) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25851775 Could be just another problem of obesity "The incidence of cholelithiasis has been reported to be 5% in the general population, while it is significantly increased in obese population reaching 45% [1–3]. After bariatric surgery, weight loss of more than 25% of the original weight is considered to be the only predictive factor to postoperative gallston
  12. Do you take meds? I know one that I took made me light headed and dizzy.
  13. Maybe they just care more about you than the weight Last time I looked for a job I interviewed at a large company. I had not done that since grad school. In grad school, at age 25, I was 150 lbs and at the top of my narrow discipline. At age 50, I was 350 lbs and at the top of another very narrow discipline. The interviews were intense, public lecture open to the whole company, and 1 hour face to face with each of the 8 or so top science fellows. Some spoke the same "language"as me, some did not. I was worried about how fat I was. They were interested in my grasp of my more recent
  14. I regularly measure 100 / 55 with a heart rate <60 beats per minute Could be meds....at least that's it in my case Trust me, I'm not anyone's idea of an elite athlete
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