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  1. Jlipp


    I’m on day 4 post op. Big question...how in the heck does one get 64 ozs of countable fluid to keep you hydrated along with 80-90 grams of protein in a day??? I’m making myself sick. The most I got today was 45 oz liquid and 60 gr protein. Please help!! Also please excuse me if I write something in an incorrect area this sight is a lil challenging for me. But please help because I’m so frustrated over this.
  2. So 4 more days. I was almost going to cancel this VSG. But reading all your responses has given me the motivation and the drive to move forward! I’m healthy (on paper) as my dr says and I have one if the best surgeons...dr Callery! He’ll do his job and I’ll do mine. Thanks for all the encouraging words! Muah!
  3. Thanks for all the support! I really need it! 4 more days!! So new year...new life! Looking forward to coming to the losers bench! I hope I’m responding to the right one. I’m a little confused on this sight how to do some things. Lol.
  4. So so thankful!! Your response and others has really helped me!! I am going forward with VSG and my new life!! Thanks!
  5. 12 more days(Dec 31) until my major life changing VSG surgery! Scared to death! nervous as hell!! . but looking forward to all the wonderful changes my body and life will be expierencing! I’m deathly afraid of the pain after, the losing of my hair, and the extreme amount of sagging skin I’m going to have. I wouldn’t be lying if I tell you I keep having conversations with myself questioning my decision to do this, because I know I could probably do this on my own. But I also have the same conversation with myself about how many times I’ve lost 30-50 lbs on my own and then couldn’t go any further. Gave up and came back to heavy. So this is it for me! 2019 is going to be all about me! 2009 I lost my 24 yr old son and 2017 my mom. They both wanted to see me healthy. They never did. I'm 63 yrs old 5’9” 305. Heaviest 325. So now with my determination and their heavenly guidance.... here we go!
  6. My name is Jackie. I’ve been browsing around this forum for a couple months. Trying to figure it out. A little lost. Lol. Trying to figure out how to put my picture with my sign on name. I’m hoping to have sleeve after October. I love all your posts!! So informative!