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  1. Hello. I had WLS about a month ago. Like you, I was very torn between the two surgeries. I researched both and reflected ad nauseum. I had my surgeon going crazy and at my final preop appointment, I made my final decision (and hoped it was the right one.) What i can say is this; I believe it was the right one FOR ME. My surgeon told me he had never had an appointment last that long. I didn’t care. He answered all my questions and we listed all the pros, cons, and differences. Like you, I found more research on bypass. My advice to you is to make the best decision for you. The surgeons do this all day, every day but this is your one and only! If you feel pressured and uncomfortable, find a new surgeon. It is your body and your life. Whichever option you chooose should be an educated one that feels right FOR YOU and not them. You will come to a decision that suits you and it will be the best decision that you ever made. I know, so far, that I made the best choice and couldnt be happier! Good luck.