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  1. They're not easy steps, but certainly loving and rewarding ones.
  2. I don't know about Oprah, but it is an unusual story for sure!
  3. Stacie (Stakeda) and I have a question. Have any of the patients here of Dr. Callery or Dr. Potts not only met, and started a life together, but have actually had a baby together as a result of the Thinnertimes Forum? We know of two other patients who got married, but to date they have no kids. We both had surgery in July 2004 and didn't meet until the post-op nutrition appointment later that month. We actually started dating in February 2005 and got engaged Valentines 2006, and just had a baby girl this past Saturday night.
  4. After much anticipation, Stacie and I are the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl: Jordyn Carmela born 01/26/08 @ 9:29pm 7lbs even and 19 in long. For some pictures please visit her web page we created for her last month at She was two days early and waited just until her grampa was leaving the baggage claim at the airport when Stacie's water broke as we walked out of the airport. We are all doing fine but really tired so there will be more posts later this week. We want to give special thanks to Dr. Callery as we would have never met each other if not for his practice!
  5. Or he will be stopping by in late January! Ok, I know it's a little late but I thought we should post this picture that's worth a 1000 words. Stacie is 27 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. I wonder if this will be the first official Thinnertimes baby?
  6. Thanks a bunch you...loser's! Hehehehe
  7. Happy Re-Birthday to you Pam & Jeanie. And a special early Re-birthday to my Sicilian sister Angela! Am I forgetting someone... Oh yeah, my better half, my love, my heart, my honey...Stacie:p LOL I can't believe it has been 2 whole years! Probably a good time to revisit the basics to make sure we keep (or get back ) on track with the course of actions we were following 18 months ago. I know I need too, who else does. Happy Re-birthday to all who are nearing of have just hit the 2 year mark. Time flys, huh!?!
  8. I know it's short notice, but I just had someone drop out of their season seat on my Chargers account. I have til 4pm today to to take care of this before I am forced to cut that seat off of my account as my account has to be paid in full today. (by paying this seat of cutting it out) This is just for this 2006 Chargers Season. $450.00 for the whole year. 10 games (2 pre-season and 8 regular season) Seat is in Lower View Section 2 Row 4 (closer to the aisle between sections 1 & 2) A few people have sat there before in the past (Bridget, Pam, and Jeanie) If interested PM me or call me or Stacie (if you have our cell #'s)
  9. It seems we may have to hold off on an actual wedding for a while. No bad situation, just that Stacie's son Adam was accepted to USC and if we legally combine our incomes at this point, she would have to shoulder a very significant portion of the nearly $50k a year tuition. Stacie will post an update soon with more details. Sorry! But we aren't going anywhere so it's gunna happen , just not next year like when we wanted.
  10. This site is awesome. Just thought I would clue you all in.
  11. Stacie and I are going to take her daughter Amanda tonight. All she she knows is that it is a restaurant that has giant Red lips on the outside and has entertainment. She is going to trip-out!! Hehehehe
  12. Just heard Former NFL great Anthony Miller will undergo GBP tomorrow morn performed by Allan Whitgrove live over the internet broadcast on his site. Carnie Wilson will do live narration. That will be cool to watch!
  13. Stacie would say I'm not special, I'm just slow. LOL Someone needs to lie and say it is their B-day that night.
  14. Stacie says the only thing we have in common is that we are both sweet and adorable and full of love and kisses. The hair thing is quite a different story. I don't have a problem with poo geting in my hair.