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  1. @BurgundyBoy and @Jen581791 I am following back to this as I start to prep for my trip. I will be at 3 months post op when I leave, and although I am back to most solid foods, one thing I cannot tolerate is nuts (I also can't do onions or tomatoes - instant sickness). I definitely plan on bringing jerky, and would love to bring protein packets (I try to avoid the bars because they make me want to snack), and I am wondering if you have any brands you recommend. I have been struggling to find much.
  2. I can't believe its only been 2.5 months since I had surgery. Life has flown by, and the pounds have flown out the door! In February, I was at my highest weight of 340 pounds. When I started this process in April, I was at 316, and in May had bounced back up to 320. Today I weighted in at 232. It has been over a decade since I have been this size. It is completely surreal. And honestly, not so easy. I spent my first two months dealing with severe dehydration followed by a nasty influenza-like virus, which kept me on IV fluids to the tune of 3 liters 3x weekly for a month. As you can imagine, I felt like utter rubbish. So when I started to feel better and looked in the mirror to see how much of me was gone, honestly it was a mindf**k. I often don't feel like myself anymore. Physically, I feel great. But I don't recognize the person in the mirror. My thick, full hair is gone and replaced with a thin, limp mess of strands. My freakishly large boobs are now hanging sacks of flesh. My rear end is gone, and my glasses don't stay on my face. To say I wasn't warned would be a lie. But I wasn't warned that it would happen so quickly to such a drastic extent, and I was not warned that it would affect me so much mentally. Everyone comments on how great and thin I look, and every time that happens, it makes me more angry and more sad. It makes me feel like I am not good enough if I am not thin enough. It makes me feel like my only worth is in my body. And if they could only know how much I am struggling with my body, then they would see that I'm actually not worth much at all. It also makes me sad for how I allowed myself to be treated before, and how others treat fat people in general. But thats a whole other rant. I guess what it all comes down to is this: It is great to physically feel this good, but I wish my head and emotions would catch up.
  3. Thanks! Life ended up getting away from me, but all went well. Going to update my stats now and post an update....
  4. 36 Hours from now I will be at the hospital getting prepped for surgery! This has been the longest couple weeks of my life, being on a very strict liquid only diet, and now 4 days of clear liquids only. I am tired and hungry, but I am excited! My highest weight was in Feb at about 340, and when I started this process in April, I was at 316. As of this morning I am down to 276! Wish me well, and if you have any recovery tips (I am taking a whopping 6 weeks off from work thanks to our generous medical leave program), let me know!
  5. @Jen581791 and @BurgundyBoy Thank you so much for your advice on this! It is excellent and exactly what I needed. I scheduled surgery today, and will be at exactly 3 months post-op the day I leave for Scandinavia, so hopefully I will be able to stomach some things like jerky and nuts. I have always been a big traveler, but this throws in a new twist. The good thing is that I will be staying in an amazing hostel with a great kitchen facility, so prepping some of my own meals will not be a problem!
  6. I have a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark scheduled for January, which will likely be about 2mo post-op VSG for me. Does anyone have tips for prepping to travel post-op? I have traveled extensively before, and Denmark isn't new to me. I am assuming I will not be able to pack until the week before due to rapid weight loss, but I am not sure what to expect with surgery that recent.
  7. That is definitely how I have been. But I am a data/numbers/analytical type, and so when I say that I know it is necessary, I mean that I know it is for me. The first few months of this process, it certainly wasn't something I was ready for, but now not having one feeds my anxiety.
  8. I have avoided having a scale in my home my entire life. Now, as I go through this process, I know it is necessary, and I final feel comfortable purchasing one, but I don't know what to look for, other than it needs to calculate my weight, which is currently around 315. I don't want to spend over $50 right now, simply due to budget. What scale do you use and love and why?
  9. I have been working for the last couple of years to change habits, and although my habits around food have gotten better, I know I have a lot of work to do yet. I know that surgery isn't a fix-all, and that I need to fix my thoughts and habits about food to be successful, and I know that sometimes that is easier said than done, which is why, when I saw how supportive this community is, I had to join in. I never used to have issues with acid reflux, and so that was not really part of the discussion, but as I refine my diet in some ways, I am starting to get really bad heartburn somewhat often. I am hoping that once I am able to fully give up the caffeine (my biggest weakness) and high citrus fruits, it will subside. Definitely going to have to bring this up with my doctor, though, as it has become a big concern. I guess my biggest stressor right now is my doctors making me feel like I should have already decided on a surgery, and feeling pressured to choose one over the other. Even if the sleeve ends up being the right choice, I still don't like feeling pressured. Does that make sense?
  10. I guess that I should clarify. My PCP is not an overall fan of surgery for the above stated reasons, but she did state that it is my only really viable option now, and that if I decide to go ahead with surgery, she will support me 100% and do everything to help me be successful. She recommended that I do consults and gave me information on my options. This is actually the reason why I love my PCP. When I started having clotting issues at 25 (I am now 30), she laid out options for meds and such. I went with an option that was not her top recommendation for me (for a number of reasons) and she helped support me as I navigated its use. I ended up moving later to her top recommendation, and it was much more beneficial to my health and lifestyle. I say this all to say that she is very supportive of patients directing their medical care, and she will do everything she can to help them succeed in whatever route they choose. I greatly appreciate all of your insight. Many of the facts that you state are why I lean toward the sleeve. I just wish I had numbers. LOL I also get hesitant when it comes to some of the horror stories I hear about acid reflux/gerd. The minor bouts with heartburn I have experienced in my life are more than enough for me.
  11. Hello! I am new to this journey, and have been lurking but finally decided to join in the conversations. I recently started the journey to WLS after years of failed diets, personal trainers, and attempts at losing weight. I've had initial appointments with doctors and dietitians, have my psych eval scheduled, and am ready to run down this path to hopefully having surgery at the end of the year. I am struggling, though, in choosing which type of surgery to go with. Although my PCP has admitted that surgery is likely my only option at this point to reach the meaningful weight loss that I need, she is not a huge fan of it. She states her reasons mainly as the vitamin deficiencies and rates of things like osteoporosis in the longterm for RNY patients, and the lack of long term data for VSG on these issues. The PA at the weight management clinic that I am working with, along with the Dr. who will likely be my surgeon, have said that VSG is the only surgery they prefer to do because of the ease of it and fewer complications after, and most of the family/friends that have done either RNY or VSG have said to go with RNY. All of this is to say that I feel so lost. I am a numbers person, and I can find 5-, 10-, 15- year and beyond data for RNY outcomes and complications, but with VSG a much newer standalone procedure, that data isn't available. All of this to say, I am struggling and a little scared of making the decision. I feel very pressured to make a decision now, and I feel like I am being kind of forced down a road by the clinic without feeling stable in any decision I make. Any advice?