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  1. I SURVIVED!! I’m officially 15hours post op, very sore but very happy!
  2. Hi everyone, I've been sneaking around the forum for a week now and I've decided the advice and support everyone gets would be really helpful right now. As it says in the title I'm 5 days away from my surgery date and I'm only just starting to get a bit nervous. I'll be travelling from England to Belgium to have a gastric bypass at the Wellness Kliniek, I've met my surgeon Dr Alex Heylen and he seems really nice but all of a sudden I'm wondering if letting someone cut me open and route around in there is the most sane choice. I've been really excited about the surgery up till now, I've done my pre op diet and I've planned my meals, exercise, vitamins, and everything. I know it's not going to be easy but I think its just now hitting me how dangerous this could be. What if something goes wrong? What if it doesn't work? Also I'm kind of ashamed of how I look and I hate the thought the nurses will have to prep me. If someone could talk me down I'd be much obliged Char