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  1. I love Body Pump. I go to that and Body Step every week at 5:30am. My day is all wrong if I don't start it off in class. How's it going for you? Are you still going?
  2. Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs and about a cup of apple sauce Lunch: Pinto beans and homemade butternut squash & carrot soup Dinner: homemade kale & cauliflower soup In between, I'll drink my protein drink and about 60 oz of ginger and mint infused water. My diet is extremely light right now because i'm on the 10 day Pouch Reset plan. I'm on Day 6 and down 15 lbs.
  3. Today is day 6 of my pouch reset. According to the plan I can eat soft foods, yayyy. 

    Started my day off in the gym. Did the Les Mills Body Pump class at the Y. Then I ran sprints for 5 mins. That’s where I run for 30 secs then rest for 30 secs. Doesn’t sound like much but trust me it’s hard for me. Trying to prepare for the Color Run at the end of July. I’d reallyyyyy like to run it instead of walk it, so I’m building up to it. 

    After the gym I ate 2 scrambled eggs and some apple sauce. Don’t judge my meal lol I stole it from my niece when she was a baby. It’s a good combo. 

    Now I’m working on my protein drink. Will check back later. 


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    2. Eunique is Me

      Eunique is Me

      Thank you. I’m all for inspirational quotes 

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      @Ladybugzzz86 as some really good inspirational quotes also..


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      Way to go! That sounds like a great start to get you closer to your goal. Keep at it and you will get there ;)


  4. Hi All, I'm Eunique. I updated my profile so you can see all my stats there. I was searching to get information about peoples experiences with the pouch reset, and I came across this forum. On the particular thread I saw there was a lot of support and encouragement, and I really enjoyed the vibe. So here I am to take in some of your good vibes! I'm a little over 2 years post op. For the past year I've been really off the process and doing my own thing and I didn't have much progress at all. I'm on day 6 of my pouch reset where I've lost about 15 pounds so far. After this reset I plan to follow the process to the letter, and workout extra hard. Anyway, I'm sure there are plenty of threads for me to share my experiences on so I'll see you out there!