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  1. I am I get up and do laps once an hour. But the day of surgery I was confined to my bed from 8am till 930 that night...and they said that because of that and those massager things it may be why my legs feel bruised because the did a Vascular ultrasound and no blood clots
  2. Thanks everyone. Post surgery is so strange. I have no appetite I am getting my water in tho thankfully but my legs are blood clots but they said it's from being stuck in a bed 90% of the day and it will take time.
  3. Okay. And that's what's weird when checking my temp it's normalish but to the touch I am roasting. Its definitely not something I am used to.
  4. Surgery was on Tuesday. I am home now and trying to recover. They had to make 2 extra incisions as well as twist my stomach due to some intense swelling during the procedure I am super sore. And really tired. This I am doing well with : getting my 4oz in each hour and doing my 10 breaths with my IS every hour and walking around the house once an hour... Things I am struggling with : my heart rate is still elevated and my BP is elevated but better than it was day of surgery... I am also super warm. No fever but when you touch me my husband says it feels like I've been in a sauna the doc doesnt seem worried but it's super annoying.
  5. Bag is packed. Husband is as nervous as I am. And we are almost ready to go. I never thought this day would get here but here it is and i am not sure what i feel right now
  6. Tomorrow is surgery day. I am terrified, excited, and anxious all at once. I haven't had anything besides water and my isopure in almost 72 hours. No broth no Popsicles no jello, nothing. Hoping to flush any last bit of anything out of my system. I am going to do my last round of measurements and take my last before picture tonight. Does anyone have any advice on calming the nerves before surgery?
  7. So I am 4 days prep (surgery is Tuesday April 17th.) I have been on a liquid diet for 2 weeks....had a couple small moments(a few crackers..a extra half cup of soup) but was also cutting down on my shakes because I could drink them...but anyways I cheated I broke down I had a total of 4 penne noodles...a bite of cheese bread and a bite of my husband cookie...i feel like a failure. I am so scared that this will mess everything up. How do i even know if my liver do i know he wont open me up and say never mind and cancel my surgery...I am so scared between the small issues and the lack of protien and calories and then tonight...I am at a loss... Has anyone else had a ops like that and been okay on surgery...have you heard of them starting and then canceling...maybe I am just panicked but the closer this gets the more I am scared something's going to go wrong.
  8. Switched to Isopure. And today has been a million times better. No nausea no headaches.
  9. Thanks. I had to attend a support group tonight as a requirement pre surgery and it did nothing but make me afraid that if I even drink an extra drink of something they will cancel me. Needless to say this process is making me a nervous wreck
  10. Thank you everyone. I am just nervous that my liver hasn't shrunk there has been a couple of small cheats(a couple bites of things here and there, nothing super crazy, and i got sick after doing that so hey lesson learned...)but i hate that i wont know till day of surgery...
  11. I figure I will have to change after surgery...I'm not sure how dairy will sit after.. my grandmother decided to order me some isopure as well so I might have to do that after
  12. After 2 hours of wondering around meijer I found a few options and picked them up. Nesquik makes a protien chocolate milk now that is within my calorie intake and has 23 grams of protien and then I found a juice kinda like the naked juices that's a protien one and has 30 grams of protein...I also picked of fairlife milk. Hopefully this works Thanks everyone I appreciate the support and help. This whole process has my head spinning.
  13. I am currently drinking the premier...unfortunately it's not the taste that makes me sick it's just the shakes in general I have tried premier..slimfast...boost...and impact and none i can do more than 3 and let's face it the powders are just gross... I have maybe 700 calories a day so I'm am well under the amount they want but its definitely hard..
  14. I am on my 2 week liquid diet. It has kicked my butt. They want me drinking 5 protein shakes 132 oz of water and then only 50 calories of either sugar free jello and sugar free popsicles and sodium free or low sodium broth...and then say 1 thru 9 I get 1 cup of low calorie stained creamed soup I can only get thru 3 shakes they make me super sick due to having prior tummy problems which in turn is making me throw up(tmi) and making me dehydrated. I am on day 6 and lost 15lbs already...which if you ask me isn't healthy but what do I know... Also I "cheated" and had 2 cups of soup one night and a bite of my husbands ice cream...both made me super sick and o regretted it immediately but I guess I had to learn the hard way. Anyways I am nervous about my liver not shrinking since I can't get all my shakes in...I talked to my dietitian who was absolutely no help and just told me "well you have to get all 5 in so figure something out" which made me more frustrated. Surgery is April 17th so I have 10 days left of my diet I am hoping I can get thru it without getting even sicker. My surgeon is excited about my weight loss until now but my family is getting worried.. Any tips