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  1. @Kio first of congratulations on your amazing weight loss and that you see yourself not as a fat person anymore, that's one thing that I really look forward too is to not see the "blob" in the mirror. Thank you for sharing your experiences, ypur positivity and your amazing transformation with me. I really hope that in a year from now I will be you that will give a newbie the hope and encouragement. Thanks and congratulations again!
  2. Thank you for your words of encouragement, kind words and for the reference to Albert Camus, I am going to try and get my hands on his writings and read it. He sounds like a very interesting and knowledgeable person. I love reading and would love to get a different perspective on how I see myself. The forum has been so wonderful in just welcoming me that I can't wait to share my journey with the help of fellow "losers "
  3. This is absolutely amazing. Thank you all so much for sharing your experiences, words of wisdom and encouragement. I just know that I joined the right forum here. You all did so amazing, I can hardly believe you are the same people if I look at before and after pictures. I can hardly wait to be you and share my story with a newbie. You rock and thank you for taking the time to write back to me!
  4. You look amazing! If I can look like you in a year I will be so happy. We are the same hight and your transformation are giving me so much hope for the future
  5. You look amazing. It's like 2 different people. Congratulations
  6. Thanks for understanding. I am so grateful that I have came across this all-star group. I am looking forward to share my journey with you too and hopefully be as a "big looser " as you!
  7. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. It is wonderfully written and so inspirational. I agree that maintenance should be most important and setting a realistic goal for my height and frame, not bmi based, should be reachable, realistic and maintained in the end. Thank you again and congratulations on keeping your goal!
  8. Thank you Kayak19 and thanks for the welcome, this is very helpful information and I will go sit and think back on when I was healthy looking and what will be good for my height and frame and set a goal accordingly. Thanks again.
  9. Res Ipsa, so sorry hope I didn't offend you. Just took it all were ladies. First rookie mistake. Thank you so much for the reference on what you wrote. I am going to go have a good read. Much appreciated
  10. Ladies I see most if not all are under the goal weight on your profiles, was your goals higher than what you anticipated you would loose or was your procedure and lifestyle change the reason. I was told not to put a unrealistic goal. I would love to be 150lbs again but the team at clinic says to no it's too low and want me to aim for 200lbs.
  11. Thanks so much for the warm welcome Ladies. It's so wonderful to connect with people that's been there and know what's what. Congrats to you all, I have lurked for a while and read your successes and I must say, wowzers I do hope I will be as successful as you ladies. Hope you are having a great weekend
  12. Hallo All. It's so nice to have found this forum. I am new to the process. Pre-op, waiting for my surgeon date and then surgery date. Was approved in principal now it's only the surgeon that has to decide and then it's go time for RNY. Can't wait to feel better about myself again. I have grown to not like myself very much and know that not only will this surgery change my health but also my psychy and confidence. Thanks for approving me