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  1. Thank you. Grazing has always been my #1 issue beginning year 2. After a severe illness retired me early 4 years ago I slowly got into the habit of having a plate of food or snacks next to me or on the counter all day long. It even started to find its way to bed with me. I gained so much between my dr visit in September to February she had me get on the scale twice. How humiliated I was to have to tell her skip the blood tests I know why I've gained so much. Talk about an eye opener. Twenty five gone so far. Would like another 50 off.
  2. Oh my goodness that's quite a story. Praying they don't find anything wrong when I'm scoped this month. Did you lose weight after your revision?
  3. Thanks, Aussie Bear. No revisions are in the cards for me. Actually 16 years later my pouch works just fine. It's my head that can't seem to stay on focus. If I could stop the grazing I'd have no problem maintaining my weight. Hoping this is the last time I have to lose this weight. I've noticed that there doesn't seem to be a lot for us old timers. I think it's two reasons. First they hit goal, maintained and went on with their thin life or secondly they've gained back some or all and prefer to stay in the shadows of their shame. I've been both. I'll be the first to admit the only time I seek support is when I find myself in between the two.
  4. Thank you, Gretta. I'm determined to lose this for the last time.
  5. Thank you, Cinwa for the words of encouragement. I need to resign myself to sticking by pouch rules is a lifetime commitment. Thankfully I still dump on fats and sugars and get full relatively easy. My huge error was grazing. Keeping a plate of food near me all day. I've got to keep reminding myself that my goal weight will not stick around if I don't make this a lifestyle. All these years later and I still think of it as a diet. I wish I could break free from that mentality.
  6. I'm curious how you are doing now. I'm 16 years post op. No revision but I did gain some back and am now in the process of losing it again. I got cocky and lazy and before I knew it I was doing a double take at the scale in my drs office. I've yoyo'd for a few years but this time I allowed a personal tragedy pack on the pounds really fast. Thankfully I caught it at 283 before I hit my original weight of 400. I've since lost some and am sitting at 258. I'm tall and the drs cannot figure out why I register so heavy on the scale but i look thin at 190 so that's my goal for now. 68 lbs to go is achievable. I'd like to chat if you still come on this forum. I'm disappointed to see how inactive so much of the category are.
  7. Howdy. I'm 16 years post open from rny gastric bypass. I came here as I struggle very much with yoyo weight. I've never come close to my original weight but I'm so tired every 12 to 18 months having to lose the 50 to 80 lbs I've gained. I'm looking for folks who are many years post op like me to offer support and advice. I need to stop the madness. We back to pouch basics the end of Feb and have 25 lbs off so far.