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  1. Hello! I am 26 and living in the Pittsburgh area. After struggling with rapid weight gain and then it not budging for 3+ years despite exercise and healthy eating, I was finally able to get started on the road to WLS. I attended a seminar at McGee Women's Hospital on the 20th of March and have my first pre-Op meeting with a surgical team member on April 2nd to go over all the initial legwork towards getting a RNY. I will either be recieving my diet plan at this meeting or the following. My insurance requires 6 months of a lifestyle program, as well, which I will begin attending between April 9th and May 7th (set for May 7th, but may be able to get in to an earlier meeting that hasn't been posted yet) which means my first potential date for Surgery will be around Thanksgiving. I am excited and nervous about everything and was hoping to connect to other 20-somethings experiencing WLS. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. 5'8" / cw 274 / bmi 42 / gw 155