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  1. Gina Bobina

    I’m New!

    Well I lost my husband to cancer 3 years ago, so I’m a single mom. I really just don’t want to put my kids through it again. It already was supposed to be a 2-3 day hospital stay that turned into 11 days. I guess that if I don’t get better soon I won’t really have a choice.
  2. Gina Bobina

    I’m New!

    My name is Gina, I live in Arizona. I had gastric bypass surgery on February 28, 2018. Three days later I was re-admitted for emergency surgery for a bowel obstruction. I was inpatient for 9 days after that one. I am truly struggling with pain. My doctor thinks it’s my esophagus spasming. He wants to re-admit me, but I’m just not willing. I’ve had to go to the ED twice this week to be hydrated. Anyone else have this problem? Either with pain or vomiting whenever they swallow anything?