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  1. Unfortunately, I live in South Carolina. No Medicaid expansion, and our ACA plans don’t cover WLS.
  2. My lipids are great, but I recently became prediabetic (A1c of 5.9; 6.5 or above is full-blown diabetes). It's pretty significant that I did, since my A1c was under 5 just last year. That's my only real complication right now, but the potential for diabetes at my age is scary. I do think my size won't hinder me getting a nursing job, but I do think it prevented me from getting another job. I have a Master of Health Administration (MHA) that I wasn't able to get a job with, and for at least one interview they seemed extremely excited to see me until I was there in person. Obviously, it could have been many other factors at work, but I can't help but wonder if my size played a role. The woman who would have been my supervisor was extemely thin, as were most of the other people working there. (For those who wonder, I'm getting a nursing degree now because of the difficulty with the MHA, but also because many health management jobs actually require a background as a nurse).
  3. Those are good points, and although I know I can't fully prepare for the emotional impact until I experience it, I'm going to be starting sessions shortly with counseling services on campus. I know I won't be able to resolve everything that's going on emotionally in my life prior to the surgery, but I know that if I do some "homework" beforehand it will be at least a bit easier. I'm also going to work with an on-campus dietician to help with my eating, since I'll have to work with one before and after the surgery, and learning to make some changes now may make the physical aspects easier to deal with, too.
  4. Thanks guys. I think I'm leaning towards waiting for right now. Aussie Bear, what kind of issues did you face the first time, that you wish you'd waited for? I know this is the finance forum, but I'm curious. My mom had the VSG in August 2017, so I'm pretty familiar now with the struggles that go along with it, but its also been pretty life-changing for her. Between that and having her gallbladder removed, her fibromyalgia symptoms have improved enough that she's going back to work part-time.
  5. So, I’m new here, and I thought about posting this in the intro forum, but it is somewhat financial, so I thought I’d post it here. As a brief intro, I’m 27 and have been overweight if not obese since I was ten years old, around the time puberty really ramped up. I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). I developed hypertension about two years ago, so its time to do something about my health. Problem is, right now I don’t have coverage for the surgery. I’m a nursing student and have my school’s student insurance. It’s actually quite good, and our on-campus health center is excellent, but it doesn’t cover bariatric surgery. That’s not surprising, since I was on an ACA Marketplace plan for a while that also did not. I have next summer off, and graduate December 2019. Doing the surgery during summer 2019 (perhaps May or June) would be ideal timing, but it would also mean paying $15,000 out of pocket on top of student loans (the surgery I’m looking into is the sleeve, and one hospital near where I live has that as a very well-priced package). I can certainly wait a while until I have a nursing job and potential insurance coverage, but I’m worried about whether I should wait until after I’ve been working for a while. I could develop diabetes in the near future, or excess weight could hinder my getting hired. The people I’ve talked to so far, my current primary care doctor and a nursing school professor who is a good source of professional advice, said I would be better off after I had been working a job for about a year (which would mean surgery about 3 years in the future). I’m just curious as to what you all think of this, or if some of you would advise going ahead with it next summer, even if it means lots of debt. Thanks!