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  1. Prayers for only the best outcome.
  2. You keep doing an amazing job!! Looking wonderful!
  3. Still waiting for pics!!!
  4. You have done an awesome job leaving behind the weight along with your job and husband! You seem revitalized and living your life each day to the fullest! Continue your journey in same direction.
  5. Just beautiful! Always put yourself first!
  6. Think positive. Eat up the beauty of the islands! Drink tons of water. All the walking and standing sightseeing will help with not running. You can also choose to run a short safe stretch of beach say 1/4 mile, turn around and keep repeating. If it is on your resort it should be safe. It won't be as long as your regular run because sand is so much harder to run. You will come home with a one pound overall loss. Enjoy and please share pics I have always wanted to go there.
  7. Wonderful journey. You look very happy and healthy! Please continue giving us support with any of your struggles or suggestions.
  8. Thanks for popping in. Life sometimes finds us so busy, but check in daily for two minutes. This forum is so inspirational and helpful. Prayers to you and your family for your loss. You are doing so well. I know the feeling of the gym being your second home, but stick to it, remember it is for YOUR health!!
  9. How many miles was your move? Your new home seems quaint and quiet! I live in a very small community, 1400 population, Earllville Il. We have been here 28 years. I am from Naperville Il, population over 200,000, I am about 70 miles from Chicago. We live VERY quietly and peaceful. I would never live in congested areas again. You will so love your new surroundings. Enjoy each day this summer to the fullest.
  10. Beautiful!! Thanks for checking in, I I enjoy the success stories. What do you do to maintain?
  11. Awesome! We need to connect on training practice. I did my first 5 k in October. At the end of April I did a 10 k. My daughter and I are signing up for a half marathon this October!! I jog/walk, I am not one bit concerned about my time, all I want is to finish! We will be jogging/walking 6 miles twice per week, 7-8 miles Saurday and Sunday's, and attend our yoga practice Tuesdday evenings. We also include weight resistance. What is your training regimen looking like this summer?
  12. Anita62

    I'm back

    Congrats!!! Is your surgery scheduled?
  13. You look SO happy. You will love playing this summer with you grandchild!! Hope the knee heals well!
  14. Very awesome! Keep yourself honest. You can maintain!
  15. Congrats to so many more years of love!
  16. Written beautifully. I can relate to every instance besides running the half marathon. I did run my first 5 k last October. End of April I am trying a 10 k. I only jog so reading that you really run is very inspirational to me. I feel lost now that I have stopped losing but reading your experience gives me a new outlook on my year two, I'll keep training to build strength. I remember reading about your walking vacation and often hope I can do that sometime. I have enjoyed following you because you are a year ahead of me and I can see what path you have had and I want to follow. Good luck on your year three progress.
  17. I love your nsv. I was just talking about this same experience. Your story hits home. I have taken one step further, yesterday I saw a nutrition psychologist. I have met my doctors goal weight and he too wants a 5 pound gain for me but I have returned to many of my old eating habits and am scared to gain 5 pounds. I still would love to lose 10 pounds but doctor wants gain. Many head issues going on! The psychological visit has given me a few ways to re-evaluate my thoughts. I pray I can do this. Keep up your journey and be true with yourself!! Yesterday was my one year anniversary, 115 pounds gone!
  18. That is so cool!!! Is it a one size fits all suit?
  19. Good thoughts that won't be needed!! Congrats on two years.
  20. Keep doing what you are. Nutrients for your baby is so important. You look very happy.
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