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  1. Anita62

    Brave, brave article by Roxane Gay on WLS

    I have not heard of this author. The article really hits home in some ways! Other ways that I did not have trouble with pre-op were eye opening to me. Thanks for the link.
  2. Anita62

    The Honeymoon Period

    Wow!! I never knew how bad it could become. Take care of yourself. Glad you are back to food.
  3. Anita62

    The Honeymoon Period

    @NerdyToothpick-why are you on a liquid diet? Are you ok?
  4. Water is hard for me to get down since surgery! I just don't get it! I have always drank about 80-100 oz of water daily! Over 20 years! Now it's boring? I drink hot tea,premier shake, chicken broth or bullion and pink lemonade crystal light.
  5. Anita62

    Old posts

    Thank you all for taking time to explain! I pray that I stay a member for life! I know how important support is necessary to stay accountable!
  6. Anita62

    Old posts

    I've noticed many people have stopped participating on this forum. So many from 2011, 2012 etc? What happens? I imagine a few may pass but why else? Some had such wonderful advice and much activity! Now nothing?
  7. Anita62

    The Honeymoon Period

    How long is the honeymoon period? I suppose it varies, but tell me how long you had it?
  8. Anita62

    Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. I'm an RN.

    Hello! Congrats!! I noticed you had your surgery with Dr. Pittman at Delnor!! I just did also!!!!
  9. Anita62

    New to thinner times

    Hello! You are doing an amazing pace. Keep up with this group, they too are amazing and so helpful!
  10. Anita62

    New to post surgery

    Welcome. I just had my surgery two weeks ago. I wake up hot and sweaty! Almost drenched the first week home! Lots of sheets to wash, but this week I have been fine! I thought maybe night sweats because of menopause??? I'd never experienced this before but since it lasted a week I'm chalking it up to the procedure. Hope your heat fades fast!
  11. Anita62

    Give me an L!

    50 pounds in two months? That seems impossible!! I'm two weeks out and just can't imagine! Congrats to you!
  12. Anita62

    Hiding the scale

    I plan to only weigh myself once a month. I don't want to see ups, downs or stalls.
  13. Anita62

    It’s almost surgery time!

    I'm so sad to hear this! Sure sounds like you have a great doctor. He didn't want to you in danger. Good luck with the sleeve. Please keep us updated.
  14. Anita62

    Talk sense into me

    This is my biggest fear. I'm two weeks to the date post op. I eat very little and struggle to get my 64 oz. of fluid. Sometimes I even feel hungry if that is possible! I worry that I might be the first person to have GBS and never lose weight no matter how hard I try! I also still have belly pain from insicisions and can't bend over! I go for my two week check up Wednesday,
  15. Anita62


    Thanks for this info. I'll get to Walmart this weekend and be sure I have it on hand. I'm twelve days out and still having pain at inscions and can't bend over but food and liquid have not been an issue.