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  1. Anita62

    ONDERLAND are you kidding me?

    Awesome!! You must be ecstatic!
  2. Anita62


    Good luck tomorrow!
  3. Anita62

    6 months today, and I'm still alive XD

    Great job! Your transformation is astonishing!
  4. Anita62

    I did it!!!!!!

    Whoa!! Since the eighties!! What a feeling of joy!!!
  5. Anita62

    100 pounds gone!

    I so relate to you!!! Thanks for sharing your daily battles. My mind keeps saying once I reach goal I'm eating a bag of Cheetos!! I want this feeling to fade. I would be so proud of myself if I never eat another Cheetos!!! I'm taking my new diet seriously to learn only to eat three times a day and one snack(protein shake). This is my life goal!
  6. Anita62

    these pants used to fit

    Great picture!! Amazing!
  7. Anita62

    This time last year...

    100 pounds!!! Amazing. Looks like a whole person could fit in with you in your dress!! Cheers.
  8. Anita62

    Fingernails lifting - Onycholysis

    I have been on omeprazole for14 years. In March this year my nails all lifted like the first picture. I hadn't even started my pre op diet yet. I wear no chip polish. I kept polish off for three months and treated with tree tea oil. All but the two worse nails have returned to normal. I'm back to polishing. I too wonder if it is the medicine.
  9. Anita62

    100 pounds gone!

    Look at you!!!! Just amazing. And in only a little more than eight months!!! Can you tell me of your struggles along the way?
  10. Anita62

    Six months

    You are doing quite well. Stay focused. Your health is improving!!!
  11. Anita62

    Back to the Goodwill...

    I will have to try a goodwill soon!!!
  12. Anita62

    One year check up - a little late...

    Wow!! I don't see that happening in America! I'm sure they would all be sued here or fired for those types of remarks! I'm with you, grab your reports and run!!!!
  13. Anita62

    Summer Vacation, baby!

    Totally enjoy your vacation. You have so earned the new you!! Thin in France, incredible!!
  14. Anita62

    I’m ready for my close-up...

    You are not 40! You look 20-21 in your pics! Beautiful smile. So close to your goal too!
  15. Anita62

    My 1st Surgerversary!

    Almost 200 pounds in a year?? Gone! Goodbye!! Great job!!!!