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  1. Anita62

    Halo Ice Cream

    I am six months out. I have yet to try halo ice cream. Ice cream is not allowed. You are only two weeks out? Stick to broth,Popsicles, tea and puréed protein.
  2. Anita62

    Today is the day!

    How are you doing? Almost a week out!
  3. Anita62

    Century Club Day!

    I awesome job!!! Keep going, never look back!
  4. Anita62

    Six month anniversary

    @CheeringCJ-never in my dreams!!! i ran my first 5k in 43 minutes. It was glorious. My daughter and I signed up in June for it through Park Run. Apparently it is an international running club. Yesterday brought about 50 runners. Majority from around the world!!!!!! They were here to run the Chicago marathon today. We met runners from London, Ireland, South Africa, UK, Australia and New Zealand! I had googled 5k runs near me back in June for this date because it was going to be my six month anniversary. When it came up it was 17 miles from our home and it was FREE! Little did I know this run takes place every Saturday morning around the world!!!! It was an amazing first experience!
  5. Wednesday I had my six month check up from surgery. I am down 100 pounds!!! Dr. was so excited!!! I told him I have been eating 1200-1400 cal per day, exercising two hours a day, five days a week (running) and consuming 96 oz water. The Nut raised my carbs to 120 and lowered my protein to 80. I had told them my thighs tire when running and they agreed I need to increase carbs. I am running my first ever 5k on this Saturday!! After that I plan on training for a 10k at my one year anniversary!! Now I'm just waiting on my blood work results and strategizing my next six months!!
  6. Anita62

    Biker Chick

    Wow. Fourteen years since your surgery!!! What drives you to stay on track? What tips can you give me? I'm just 6months post op.
  7. You haven't updated your current weight status?
  8. This post and all the replies are very helpful to me!! Is there a way to pin it or save for future reference? I feel exactly like you @Cindy Lou Who!!!!!
  9. Good luck with surgery. This sounds awful. I hope all goes well for you.
  10. Newbie here for post op complications? What is dialation?
  11. Anita62

    Finally had my MRI and testing done

    Prayers to you. Prayers for a better result and for pain relief.
  12. Anita62

    One year surgiversary pics and celebration

    You look amazing!!! Get back on track!! Protein first at each meal. You can do it!!!
  13. Premiere protein shakes are 30 grams each. Very easy to get down!! Have one everyday and possibly a second. (They do become a bit pricey if you are using two a day). That should put you at your minimum. I consume 100 grams per day rather easily with one shake, two meat servings (lunch and dinner) and one yougart for breakfast.
  14. Anita62

    Month 9 - and a huge surprise

    Congrats!! Prayers for the next 8 months!!!