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  1. Very awesome! Keep yourself honest. You can maintain!
  2. Congrats to so many more years of love!
  3. Written beautifully. I can relate to every instance besides running the half marathon. I did run my first 5 k last October. End of April I am trying a 10 k. I only jog so reading that you really run is very inspirational to me. I feel lost now that I have stopped losing but reading your experience gives me a new outlook on my year two, I'll keep training to build strength. I remember reading about your walking vacation and often hope I can do that sometime. I have enjoyed following you because you are a year ahead of me and I can see what path you have had and I want to follow. Good luck on your year three progress.
  4. I love your nsv. I was just talking about this same experience. Your story hits home. I have taken one step further, yesterday I saw a nutrition psychologist. I have met my doctors goal weight and he too wants a 5 pound gain for me but I have returned to many of my old eating habits and am scared to gain 5 pounds. I still would love to lose 10 pounds but doctor wants gain. Many head issues going on! The psychological visit has given me a few ways to re-evaluate my thoughts. I pray I can do this. Keep up your journey and be true with yourself!! Yesterday was my one year anniversary, 115 pounds gone!
  5. Anita62

    Body changes

    That is so cool!!! Is it a one size fits all suit?
  6. Good thoughts that won't be needed!! Congrats on two years.
  7. Keep doing what you are. Nutrients for your baby is so important. You look very happy.
  8. Anita62

    still here!

    I missed you too!!!! So glad you are back! Prayers for good test results.
  9. I noticed strands on bathroom counter slightly more then usual. I didn't have ANY noticeable hair loss on scalp which I was very concerned about before surgery. I did take biotin after surgery but stopped at five months post op because I hadn't had hair loss. My nutritionist told me that biotine was not proven scientifically. Whether it helped me or not I don't know, but happy to report that at 11 months out now, I haven't lost hair!
  10. That is great!! I have attended meetings every month. I don't get much out of some, but others are remarkable. I need this group and my monthly meeting to help me keep accountable to myself. Last meeting it was announced that starting in April meetings will be held twice monthly. I am so happy, two weeks is so much better to go without live communication then one month. I do pray your depression lightens and your healing progresses smoothly.
  11. Always feel great about yourself. DONT allow food to change that!!you are doing great!