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  1. Anita62

    Regret this surgery!!

    Do you exercise? Get some!! After three weeks of daily routine you will start to feel better!! In six weeks sadness will seem to disappear. Join a support group and stay with this group. Everyone here is compassionate and always here to listen and support each other.
  2. Anita62

    One year

    Incredible!! BOTH pictures are beautiful. Your sis was with you always on this journey!! Keep her proud.
  3. Anita62

    I DID IT!!!

    Such an incredible feeling. Relish it and when tempted to eat remember that bathroom pic!!
  4. Anita62

    Boho Rosy's Surgiversary!

  5. Anita62

    Hi guys

    Sadie is pain free!! You made the correct decision!!! Now give yourself the same amount of attention you gave to Sadie!! Revolve your life around you!! Try it for as many months you did for Sadie. You will be doing it to memorize Sadie!:)
  6. Anita62

    Life is just so much better

    An awesome update. I feel exactly like you. I'm going on eight months out. Lost 105 pounds, shop for clothes and shoes weekly, run 5k three times weekly, got a new job and joined a gym. ALL things I have NEVER done in my 55 years. This choice and change is a blessing. Keep on keeping on.
  7. Anita62

    1 yr Surgiversary

    Awesome. Continue your journey. Be true to yourself. You can do it!!!!
  8. Anita62


    What a lovely year!!! I'm sorry to hear this about your sis. I joined this forum after her passing. I think of her as an angel sitting on your shoulder. She probably is your biggest fan and she is always with you!!! She is so proud of your accomplishments.
  9. Anita62

    Bought myself an early birthday present today

    Enjoy it. Keep us posted.
  10. Anita62


    So handsome!!! Job well done!! Keep honest to YOURSELF always!!
  11. Anita62

    Before/After (more or less)

    A+ Amazing!!!
  12. Anita62

    GOAL !!!!!

    Congrats!! In only eight months from surgery too!! Be proud!!
  13. Anita62

    Halo Ice Cream

    I am six months out. I have yet to try halo ice cream. Ice cream is not allowed. You are only two weeks out? Stick to broth,Popsicles, tea and puréed protein.
  14. Anita62

    Today is the day!

    How are you doing? Almost a week out!