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  1. Anita62

    4th Surgiversary

    You are just beautiful!!! So glad to hear that you have stayed on track!! Awesome about a two piece swimsuit too!
  2. Anita62

    Before/After Skin reduction.

    Congrats!! You must feel like a new person!!!
  3. Anita62

    Day one of daily blogging

    I totally relate! I log out of Facebook may 1-sept 1 every year. I want to enjoy everyday of summer!!! I've started a journal where I re-write the same sentence over and over. The first page-what you eat today you will crave tomorrow. Second page-use it or lose it!! My team states you must exercise 350 minutes per week to lose weight. I'm doing two hours everyday!! Total 840 minutes. Evenings are my problem too, so I write in my journal .
  4. Anita62


    What a day!! Torture!! Just remember every passing day the pain eases and you will be back yo yourself very soon. God bless.
  5. Amazing!!! Such an awesome feeling for you! Keep on keeping on!
  6. Anita62

    Meal Too Big

    Today is my four month post op weight-187. I have lost 77 pounds. My goal was 80 by today. Thank you all for your encouragement and advice. My motto is RESIST this month. I added bicycling to my daily workout also this month so I'm up to 2 hours everyday. Everyone's support and "food demon" feelings I relate to and I just keep rereading all your posts. I need/want to lose 23 pounds by October 6,the day of my first ever 5k!!! Also 100 pounds off in six months. Enjoy your weight loss/maintenance in August!
  7. I tried the chocolate. Didn't like them at all. I'll stick with PP.
  8. Anita62

    Meal Too Big

    @Kio thanks for that suggestion. I will talk to my surgeon. That was a big concern to me as why so much food "fits" in my pouch. I consumed all that amount in an hour. Not really grazing, just slowly one item after the next. Yesterday was excellent for me I stayed under 800 calories but only had 75 grams of protein.
  9. Anita62

    Meal Too Big

    Resist will be my new goal/word for August! I need to repeat this word and follow ALL of your advice! I do not want to fall back into old habits. I need this group so much!!
  10. Anita62

    Meal Too Big

    Thank you all so very much for your insights. I will put in a call to my nut. Last night I just felt hungry!! Going back to old eating habits. I do measure and track EVERYTHING I eat on my fitness pal. I'm eating an average of 1100 calories a day. My intention for dinner was only the hamburger. But 10 minutes later I'm still hungry. So along came I believe great choices-cheese, nuts and I forgot to mention 1/2 banana. When my grandson ate a package of muffins I couldn't resist!! My dinner totaled 667 calories with a total of 1269 for the day. I prefer to be below 1000 but struggle with that because I usually have two fruit servings. I know I know-cut the fruit too! Fruit will be over for me as summer ends since I don't care for apples or oranges. I'm losing 3 pounds a week almost still.
  11. Anita62

    Meal Too Big

    I'll be four months post op this Thursday. Last night dinner was 5 oz hamburger, one ounce cheese stick,a handful of pistachio AND then a bag of mini blueberry muffins!!! Why?? I was hungry?? After all this I was finally full. I finally got the feeling everyone talks about, "stuck" feeling!! I never experienced this as of yet. I felt full and content!! Why must I eat this much to feel that way. I surely thought the hamburger was twice the amount I should eat to be content!
  12. Let me know the date for next year please!
  13. Anita62

    Here’s our group photo!

    What a slim pic!!!!
  14. Anita62


    I noticed too but didn't comment. You look amazing. It's hard to believe your before pic!!! Yeah, and about those arms........
  15. Anita62

    Five Months of Maintenance

    Your pics are beautiful! Yes, even the mud caked on!you are truly inspirational! Where is home for you in America? I wish you memorable trip.