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  1. Hello, if anyone has been following me I'm still in pain periodically. I get pain on my left side that is like a dull cramp pain. When I get stressed the pain gets worse, it feels rigid and calicky in the area. I still wonder if anyone has had this pain and what worked to decrease the cramping.
  2. i was just wondering if anyone knew anything of the banded plication procedure. has anyone had it in these forums? has anyone had the lp band removed with the plication? any thoughts?
  3. I had the gastric sleeve done about 2 years ago. I was wondering if there is any explanation because I've also have pain on my left side. The pain is a cramping, tensing pain that is worse when I sit down or am under stress. It goes into my back and is intermittent. I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of this or experienced this. It gets worse during the evening. I was prescribed muscle relaxers but they don't work that much. I hear ur not supposed to have any pain.