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  1. I'm down 56lbs! I'm so grateful for that. However, I've had a stall the last 3 weeks and am so paranoid about regain. I keep wondering if I need to change something up or stay the course. I'm a worrier! Any insight is appreciated! I have recently started craving foods again and can eat most anything, which scares me. Not long ago I was worried about not tolerating much of anything!
  2. It's been 3 months today! I'm down 41 lbs since surgery. Currently at 201, almost to onederland! I'm only losing about 1.5 lbs a week. I'm not sure if that's as good of progress as I should be making at this stage or not, but I am happy with it. I'm anxious to see what they say at my next doctor's appointment on Monday. One thing I need to work on still is regular exercise. I'm definitely not doing enough at the time. Just wanted to stop in and share my progress with everyone!
  3. It has officially been 1 month since surgery! I have an appt with my surgeon next week. Some observations.. 1. I only get about 300 calories a day. 2. I was steadily losing weight until this last week, when I saw the scale go up a lb. How does that happen on less than 400 calories a day? Down 21 lbs since surgery. 3. Protein is a huge challenge. Shakes are no longer going down. I can't wait until I can eat meat and seafood! 4. I'm cold a lot and my energy levels are still not so great. However, my pulse seems to be high most of the time. Looking forward to asking some nutrition questions at my next appointment. What goals I should be working toward food-wise, etc.
  4. Yes, I'm able to eat scrambled egg, cottage cheese and string cheese without any problem. Those have been my main sources of protein the last couple of weeks.
  5. I appreciate this group so much! Today I'm feeling like a big failure. Last night the chicken made me sick. Today I ate a protein bar and ended up on the toilet for 20min. I am probably trying it too soon but since I can't choke down a protein shake I am trying other things to get in my protein. It's like I keep forgetting that I have to pay close attention to what I'm eating. I can barely get 30gm protein in with regular food alone.
  6. You're right it could be the chicken. I tried a tiny bite and waited 10min and was fine but maybe it wasn't enough to make me sick. I am on the soft/blenderized stage, as my doctors office calls it. I've had canned chicken blended and mixed with a dab of mayo and it was ok. Perhaps the rotisserie chicken is not ok with my stomach, though.
  7. 2.5 weeks out from RNY. I'm really struggling with the protein. Shakes no longer go down. I ordered some protein soups so hopefully those agree with me. I have always had a texture issue with food! Today I bought a rotisserie chicken and was so looking forward to eating it. My daughter was using it for chicken tacos so I thought I'd put a tablespoon of black beans on my plain chicken. My stomach did NOT agree. This is the 2nd time I've thrown up. I only ate probably 3 beans, the pain is immediate. Feel it under my breast bone and then a minute later up it comes. Sorry, not trying to gross anyone out! It's frustrating because it throws off getting fluids in for the day and the protein that chicken would've added!
  8. Thanks, everyone! I made myself some hot tea and it seems to agree with my stomach nicely. I just hope this passes as I really don't like hot beverages in the summer. Then again, maybe that will be something I like from now on.
  9. Hi all! Had RNY 2 weeks ago today. It's been more difficult than I expected. Mostly mentally. I want to eat even though I'm not hungry. And I want to eat things that I normally never would have ordered. Anyway, that's all in my head. What I'm having a problem with is drinking fluids. I didn't have any problem at first, and was drinking about 32oz of water a day without problem. Plus a 11oz protein shake. However, now when I drink anything, my stomach kind of hurts. Not enough to be alarming, just enough to make me not want to drink. I've tried different temperatures of water, drinking slower... I can't figure out what the problem is. Has anyone had this problem? On the bright side, I'm down 12 lbs since surgery.
  10. It's day 10, my incisions still hurt but not as much. Much easier to sit up from a laying position, but still have to be careful. Yesterday I sat on the ground (Not a good idea) and when standing up it felt like one of my incisions popped open! It didn't, it looks fine, but the pain was terrible. Just a reminder to everyone during healing.. don't over do it! I have my post op appointment in a few hours, I'm going to mention it to my doctor. I'm still worried I did something to it. Like is there a stitch inside on the muscle?
  11. I love peas so that sounds pretty good! I also love fish and shrimp so I'm hoping those will go over well with my new stomach!
  12. Started on full liquids yesterday. Premier protein chocolate shakes are pretty good, and I've kept up on water. Tonight I also tried a little cream of potato strained soup and it was delicious! Also have had some sugar free strawberry jello. When they gave me some jello at the hospital it tasted way too sweet but that seems to have passed. What were some of your favorites on full liquids or pureed?
  13. Wow! I drove about 30min roundtrip to pick my daughter up from dance practice and it was uncomfortable anytime the road got rough! I'm not really taking much of my pain meds, I hate the taste.
  14. Thank you for your responses! I think I'm just feeling a little bit impatient today. I want to be moving around more. I know it will happen, I just need to give myself a little time.
  15. I just had gastric bypass on Friday and am curious--how long did it take for your incision pain to go away? I'm grateful that the pain I do have seems to be external only. But I'm also wondering how long I'll have this. I want to get back to walking comfortably and being able to move without cringing!