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  1. Thanks everyone for the well wishes , I am scheduled for removal and bypass 7-30-2018 ! I am excited , scared , nervous, hopeful , I am working hard right now started exercising again , cut back to 1 cup of coffee a day, trying to eat good , drink , drink drink and of course all the vitamins .
  2. Finally Finally got my approval letter today! Now just waiting to schedule my surgery. I am so excited !
  3. SO back in March I was denied band removal , well my surgeon did a peer to peer review and got the removal approved, however insurance would not approve the bypass due to me not having my 6month medically supervised weight loss completed. My PCP was able to go go back as far as Nov. 2017 and I am happy to say Fri was my 7th monthly visit. I faxed my papers to my Surgeons office and they were going to submit it today . Fingers crossed this will be the end of this band hell , and the beginning to a new lifestyle .
  4. I am going to fight . I just really thought I had it , I am so disappointed . I do feel like I need to shout from the rooftops No more bands !!! Worst decision I ever made .
  5. I received a letter from my insurance saying they won’t pay for my band removal/revision due to the fact there is no infection to port ,slip , or erosion . I truely hate this thing ! The dr office assured me getting the band out wasn’t going to be an issue , they were expecting difficulty getting the RNY approved . I am miserable with This crappy band it is completely empty I still Puke once a week minimum have random tightness and slimming .This sucks !!!