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  1. I have not yet but I will this weekend. I'm kind of wary.
  2. No. Not really. I don't know much about it and I'm kind of scared and skeptical. I need to do some research I guess.
  3. Thank yo for your kids words. I'm actually feeling better about it and am just mad now minus the disappointment. I am self pay. No insurance involved. The whole thing is ridiculous. They actually called me today to reschedule. I don't think the bariatric surgeon is understanding the fact that I had a window of time to do this and the window has passed. I think he is under the impression that when this woman (Rheumy) calls him on Monday and approves, everything will proceed, as someone called me this morning to reschedule and I told them that there really is no need as I'm not available. The girl on the phone seemed confused. He lost a patient and eventually when these stupid people figure it out I'm sure I'll get a phone call from someone. And I know she's (Rheumy) not going to approve anything because I cancelled my appointment with her on Monday. I'm not paying her $350 to hear a lecture about her magic diet, the wonders of amphetamines, and then be screamed at. I think the woman is having a breakdown or needs medication as there is something wrong with her.
  4. Not really. I was driving 2.5 hours for my appointments at this place. I just started a topic in the doctor/facility forum asking for recommendations. Every place I look at though wants you to go through their "program". I've already been through the programs. I don't want to sit through more informational seminars, bazillions of consultations, etc. I've done all that crap. But if I refuse all that, I doubt they will take me and if I disclose this fiasco, I doubt they will want me because I'm sure they will conclude that I'm "difficult". I know I would. So, I'm starting from scratch again. And I'm self pay too. So I've been paying for all this crap out of my pocket. Every last dime of it. Only to start all over again.
  5. She said my husband must come with me on Monday (He is a physician) and neither one of us are willing to be yelled at and treated like idiots. In my case, for the second time. I seriously had to sit there while she told me how stupid this was and then she lied to me and told me that she's had MANY patients who have had the exact same surgery I had three times only to gain back double the weight they lost. That is not even physically possible because there's no way you can have 85% of your stomach removed three times. I've been trying to get this scheduled for more than a year now and it's been a year of anticipation. If the bariatric surgery office can't make any sort of accommodations, (like they could have consulted with another Rheumy on their own) then they aren't worthy of my money. All they want is to know if I've been off my meds long enough for surgery to be safe. And I've had two doctors (other than the crazy one) sign off and say that I have been . I refuse to pay another $350 when I was just there yesterday. She believes I am being impulsive which is ridiculous since I've been working on this for a year now and it took me several years to finally decide to do it. My husband is an MD and I'm an MBA. We aren't stupid people. My husband believes that more than likely she is doing this hopefully for her own financial gain. I've already done low carb. Probably 10 times over the past 20 years. Once for as long as a 3 year period. It works great at first, but then you plateau. And now I have rheumatological problems that prevent me from walking at times. And I actually went OFF my meds a month ago specifically for this surgery. It's just all stupid and this is my frustration talking and I apologize for sounding awful. I do appreciate your kind words of encouragement. I just need to move on and find a different place with doctors who behave like normal people. Perhaps this was a sign not to go to this surgeon? I am trying to look at it that way.
  6. I had a very tight schedule of when I could get this done and the window of opportunity has passed all thanks to this lunatic. Now I won't have time off until August or later and I'll have to start all over again. I refuse to go back to either one of these doctors after this.
  7. Hello, I would appreciate any recommendations you have for surgeons to do Gastric Sleeve in the St. Louis MO area. I'm self-pay so I'd like someone that doesn't make me go through endless educational seminars as I've done them before and time is an issue. Thank you !
  8. Yes, it does royally blow. And I know this sounds selfish and stupid, but nobody really understands or cares except for me. And this crazy woman made me make another appointment with her on Monday and now I have to call her office and cancel and I know she's going to call my house and I'm not answering. And I know this all sounds dramatic and ridiculous and it is. I swear my doctor should have a reality show.
  9. No. Where I live it takes months to get in. According to my bariatric office, I needed that paper today or it was a no go. I'm supposed to start my week of no eating tomorrow and go down there for testing and do additional paperwork and such. And what also sucks is that I'm sure as hell not going back to my Rheumatologist either, and she's really good at being a Rheumy. She just thinks she can cure every other ailment as well and needs to stick with what she does instead of inserting her VERY STRONG and OUTSPOKEN opinions on other topics. Like when she screamed at me today in her office "YOU WILL FEEL LIKE *&^% FOREVER", multiple times to the point where the office staff was laughing at the reception desk. Yes, it was that bad.
  10. I'm so upset I don't even know where to start. I was supposed to do my pre-surgical testing and have surgery next Wed but now that's not going to happen. The doctors office called me last week and told me that I needed a letter regarding my rheumatoid arthritis medication management to make sure I was ok to have surgery. Well, I told them prior that my Rheumy did not approve of bariatric surgery because she wants to put me on her crazy diet and drug me up with phentermine and I don't want to do that. I told them that my husband is a physician and that he said that I've been on the meds more than long enough and they were completely out of my system several weeks ago already and he would be willing to write a letter or speak to them regarding this. But nope, they want a letter from the Rheumatologist. I offered for my PCP to write a letter, but nope, has to be the Rheumy. So I called last Wednesday asking for a letter but she (Rheumy) was actually hospitalized over the weekend and did not return until yesterday and would not write a letter without an appointment. So they get me in this morning and I had to sit there and be lectured for 1.5 hours about the dangers of bariatric surgery, and how this is impulsive, (who cares that I've been working this for the past year) and that SHE WAS NOT AWARE and therefore she will not give me clearance without further medical testing on her end. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. And I had the whole thing scheduled, have gone off my meds for RA, had my presurgical testing scheduled, my Endoscopy, took of work, husband took off work, had my kid taking off school because the hospital is almost 3 hours away from home. Jumped through the millions of hoops that the Bariatric center wanted. And now I can't get the surgery. Can't reschedule it now until August. And there's not a darn thing I can do about it.
  11. Thank you. I've been reading that many people do get a colonoscopy at the same time. And I would be good with that if my insurance did cover it. But them REQUIRING me to get a colonoscopy from their doctor at the same time and their rudeness when I questioned this, I found off-putting. I've thought about this overnight now and I've decided that if that's the deal then it's probably not a good idea for me to go to this place. I'm not paying cash for a colonoscopy (that I can get for free 2 miles from my house) when I'm already paying for the surgery and everything else.
  12. The reason I ask is because I am self-paying for a sleeve and my doctor wants to do my colonoscopy the same time he does the Upper GI. I have no problem paying for the upper as that seems normal. But this doctor is out of my insurance network and my insurance will not cover the colonoscopy and I don't want to pay for it when I can go to my normal hospital and have it done there for free. The patient advocate was kind of rude with me because I said I wouldn't get it from his office. Is this normal? Opinions?