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  1. I am a terrible cook! I will have to study this.Sometimes things are made more difficult by being in a foreign country. Thank you so much,it sounds yummy! I have 6 year old twins -- yes I had kids at 47(!) -- so am figuring out if I can eventually cook for all of us and just eat slightly differently than them without cooking twice. I work nonstop (part of the eating problem, obv) and my husband only cooks Czech recipes from 1975! Even now when I make something relatively healthy he makes barfing faces, which is really helpful. As you can see I have more than an food issue to solve! Thank you for your inspiring recipes and out look! What a great bunch you all are!
  2. This sounds great even though I do not know what confit means:). There is something about chicken skin that is wonderfu.
  3. Kio, this was just amazing!!!!! You nailed it all. The nutritionist is a bit of a robot but I guess I will just have to wait and figure some things out. She also told me I could never again have chicken with skin and that sounded off to me. I do want to be strict about portion size but I think the point of this is to eat less, not too eliminate all foods that taste good:). Thanks for your support. And glad you are doing so well, even without smelling superpowers!:)
  4. Also Burgundy Boy, the way you wrote was extremely useful. I am still quite confused about the info the nutritionist gave me versus what seems to be the reality. The Czech center here is excellent but their communication style can be sometimes frustrating, so this group is quite the lifeline. I am not Czech but I am a longterm expat here. In the meantime, Burgundy Boy thanks for the Lancet study. I am a journalist and really enjoy reading articles and studies from credible sources. So much of this right now feels like a krap shoot...that is, what percentage group will I be in? The one with complications or none? The one who can keep it off or not? Am sure some of you felt the same trepidation. I love cheese but was told I could only have the low fat kind, am not sure if that was about weight loss or health. When she found out my favorite cheese was blue cheese, she basically told me I could never eat it again, which was weird. The plication by the way has about the same effect as the sleeve, but there is no sleeve and a very low rate of reflux. It is similar in that you can basically eat anything eventually. Thanks again everyone for your support.
  5. These are wonderfully helpful and insightful answers!!! Thank you!!!
  6. Thanks for sharing that. I am at the point where I believe I need the operation but am still trying to make sense of all that I will be giving up. I feel angry that other people can have a healthy relationship with food and do not have to reduce their lives to this -- tiny portions and giving up so many things forever plus thinking nonstop about food choices.
  7. Thanks for asking. There are no group meetings but there is psycholigical support and monitoring.
  8. Awesome answer, thanks. I wonder since I never had the strength to keep weight off that I had lost in the past -- I have lost so many times and quite a lot -- how I would find the strength now after the honeymoon period is over. That scares me more than the actual operation!
  9. Thanks ladies! I guess thinks start to change after a few years!
  10. Thanks! My questions actually apply even if it is sleeve surgery--- impact is the same.
  11. Hi everyone! I am based in Prague where gastric plication is not experimental -- it is a center of excellence operation and has been performed more than a 1000 times. But for the purposes of this forum, I suppose one can say the results are similar to the Gastric Sleeve. I am in talks with my public weight loss center for this operation. I am 52, 5ft. 7 and 231 pounds. One of the things the psychologist emphasized to me is that you have to measure the food for the rest of your life in a 5ounce container. She said once you try to estimate, you over eat. I find the prospect of measuring meals for the rest of my life unrealistic. When I read about people who have had the gastric sleeve, it seems to me they learn to understand portion size without being in a restaurant and handing the waiter a little box:). Can someone enlighten me on how this works forever? Also, the whole avoid fat thing -- the nutritionist says no butter, no cheese unless it is super low fat. But I see there are others who seem to eat these things. Is that just based on the individual? Am trying to figure out what my future life will look like. The second thing I have trouble with is understanding how things work when the food cravings come back after the so-called honeymoon period. If the point of getting this operation is to limit your hunger to help you not over eat, then isn't it just like any other diet if you have to eventually fight cravings and hunger like you did during all those diets you/I tried? I have 2000 other questions but I guess these are my main ones for now! Thank you!!!