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  1. Cmr5005

    New to the forum!

    Thank you! Most of my weight that I regained sits in my lower abdomen, which after a lot of research, seems to be hormone related. I really think this articles describes what happened to me! At my first visit with a traditional dietitian in 2016, I told her my feelings of satiety are totally blunted and that I can only guess when I’m full. Such a weird phenomenon and I really just assumed it was normal after gastric bypass. She told me I eat more fiber...I did without success.
  2. Cmr5005

    New to the forum!

    Aussie bear, that is really good to hear about revisions! Congrats on your weight loss! I stalled out and could not lose more than 10lbs since 2014. Granted I was pregnant in 2015-2016, but after having my daughter I had rapid weight gain of 13lbs after losing all of my pregnancy weight (26 lbs).It’s been a wild ride advocating for myself and finally getting some answers. Im thankful for healthcare professionals who listen to their patients.
  3. Cmr5005

    New to the forum!

    Thank you! Not a ton of information about gastrogastric fistulas, I’m realizing! Nervous but excited to have another shot at this, if that makes sense.
  4. Cmr5005

    New to the forum!

    Hi all! I’m chantel and I live in northeast pa! I’m 30, married and am a mommy to a wild two year old girl! I had my rny gastric bypass in May of 2011. Highest weight was 253, lowest weight 159 and my current weight is 218. While I haven’t been 100% perfect post op, I haven’t been out of control. I spent the last 2 years trying to get back to onderland without success. My surgeon moved away so I finally thought to go to a different bariatric clinic in the area. Had an upper gi ultrasound done to rule out a fistula. However I do have a fistula and will be meeting with a gi surgeon to discuss my options. I can post this on the revision board if I don’t get many answers. I’m nervous! I don’t know what to expect and am obsessing over this whole problem! Why does a fistula cause weight gain? I have been eating 1300 calories a day and can barely lose 5 lbs. it really is crazy! Anyone here have this issue? How were You after the revision? Thanks so much!