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  1. It’s a yuck feeling and it hurts I’m sorry for Anyone going through it.... I hope you get better Ktallon!!!!
  2. I’m guessing BM is in regards to constipation? I’m still learning the abbreviation lingo lol im just wondering based on what I’m feeling what could it be? I’m going to call the DR in the morning, he’s great, it just stinks that he’s 4hrs from me but he came highly recommended was one of the only very very few who does DS in Florida. I’m finding it hard to keep down what I eat, I’ll eat and about 15/20 min later after I’m done, I’m not feeling too good and I’ll vomit then I feel good to goo and not nauseated at all.
  3. Hiiii, How did you know you were dehydrated? was this after you went to the ER and they told you or did you go to the ER because you got dehydrated? im sorry but what’s bm? Wbat ended up making you feel better? Has your vomiting and nausea stopped? Thank you so much for the input!!!!!
  4. Yeah I’m defiantly thinking so, i was just curious as to weather anyone had maybe similar experiences.
  5. Hello, I was told by the bead girl at the office that everyone’s anatomy is different and to maybe go back to the basics of soft puréed food and take gas X, but I don’t see any improvement i also had a hiatal hernia repair during my DS surgery.
  6. Hello everyone! Any help would be greatly appreciate..... sorry about any possible yucky details I gotta give!!! I deff a newbie and have ALOT to learn!!!!! I felt good after surgery which was on 2/1/18. the usual healing etc, BUT the last few days I’ve been vomiting like a foamy spit up right when I wake up in the morning and dealing with Waves of nausea and dry heaving during and a little after vomiting, And when I eat or drink I will at times get nauseated. i do not drink while I eat and always wait about 35 to 40 min before drinking. I do go a while with out eating lately, Because I’m scared and also feel neauseated and don’t feel hungry or like eating. I was getting really grossed out by oral vitamins and burping them very badly so I switched to the patches (patch MD). I hope they work...... I do a decent job of drinking but I’m sure I should do more. And at times I’ll get a slight pain/discomfort on my lower right side of my tummy it comes and goes. I just need any any help....I don’t want to live with so much fear or regret of having this procedure and I’m only 25. I know it’s early on but I was doing well and then this vomiting started and I feel like I’ve gone backwards and feel weak probabaly cause I’m not eating enough. I just want the vomiting to stop and the nausea to be gone. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE IN ADVANCE!