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  1. ParaSix66

    Back Again

    Hey April!! I too have very bad depression and anxiety. It makes it sometimes feel impossible to leave the house, let alone go sit in a class full of strangers. I can tell you from experience to try to keep your head up. Going to those classes may make you feel like you have at least accomplished a small milestone. I think about my health and how I will feel missing those appointments. It feels a lot worse when I back out. You can do this!! I know your brain sometimes says you can't, but you have got this! Keep moving forward.
  2. ParaSix66

    I have been meaning to do this

    I am pre-op and I have been wanting to make a blog about my journey, if nothing else to keep a record of how I feel before and after. My highest weight was 307 pounds. That is a lot for me. I had never thought I would be that heavy. The bad thing is I gained that weight during my supervised diet. Who does that? I feel so ashamed that I gained that weight. The first 6 months of my supervised diet was basically just me getting that note from my doctor that I completed another month. I was serious, but I didn't realize how serious I needed to be until these last 3 months of my supervised diet. I have completed the last 3 months of my diet with the Cleveland Clinic and I realized my real issue. I am addicted to food. I know a lot of overweight people are, but I really really learned this on my pre-op diet. I have been eating every emotion I have ever felt. When I couldn't do it anymore, I realized I am emotionally crippled. I have no way to deal with my emotions without food. So these last 3 months have been a roller coaster of me crying and feeling more depressed than ever! I am starting to find other ways to get through these emotions, but I never imagined how hard that was going to be. I had to take a class with the Cleveland Clinic to learn to cope with my eating habits and it has REALLY helped. I was diagnosed with binge eating disorder, and know that information helps. SO, where am I now? Nutrition- Cleared ✓ Surgeon- Cleared ✓ Psych (Pending) Medical (Pending) Insurance Approval (Pending) Current Weight: 277
  3. ParaSix66


    Thanks for giving this info! I had my gallbladder out when I was 12 (21 years ago), I didn't know any of this stuff, it's very helpful!
  4. ParaSix66

    Hey All!!

    Yay for your surgery soon She lost about 120 pounds and she pretends like she didn't have surgery, so whenever I talk to her about it I have to be all cloak and dagger. I want to be able to feel proud that I made a decision to better my life, which is why I wanted to talk to some more people getting/having already had the surgery for support.
  5. ParaSix66

    Hey All!!

    I am getting real close to my surgery. Don't have a date, but will definitely be approved within the next month. Starting to get real anxious!! I started my pre-op diet a month ago and already lost 30 pounds, so I am really quite proud of myself. Seeing results has really kept me motivated. My mom had gastric bypass 2 years ago and I find her negativity towards the whole thing off-putting , and am looking to get to know all kinds of folks and what their experiences have been. Hope you all have a great day (or night)